Thursday, March 23, 2006

Year ending / Last Lap

"Year ending"..this used to be the reason why most dads would return home dead tired and not be able to play with kids; when Chunnu Munnu would gladly jump about the feet of the thaka-haara do bacchon ka baap who'd just returned from office and Mummy would come with a glass of water and shoo the kids away by saying "Chalo, ab bahar jaake khelo..papa thak gaye hain"...and when she would smilingly turn towards him and ask, "Kya baat hai, bade pareshaan lag rahe ho?", he would respond with just two dreaded words.."Year ending." Those two words encompassed all the shouting in the office, the mad dash for files, frantic search for bills long forgotten, a frenzied call to another department for help in technical matters...and the list goes on and on and on.

Well, a similar situation can be found here too. We're two weeks away from completing our 1st year MBA course; but instead of the jubilation of having almost become a manager, there's tension and worry and hectic work around the clock. I must admit that I've been lucky (or have I been foolish not to sense the danger early on?) for I've been getting my dose of sleep for the last couple of days. But I have a feeling that with the presentations and project report in each subject coming up coupled with an examination which is practically banging on the door with the brute force of a sumo wrestler, sleep will come at a premium in the coming few days.

Hence, mere doston, thoda yaar is off to a land called 'Where-harried-people-experience-what-hell-is". Do not know when the next post will come. Do not know whether I'll be able to snatch away snippets of time from the ongoing hectic activity and post on my blog, which has almost become a therapeutic habit.

And the next time you hear some person with drooping shoulders, unshaven face and dark circles mutter the words "Year ending"...just make way for the tired foot-soldier.


An afterthought: Or should we take a more positive imagery and speak of a long-distance runner running his last lap? He runs the entire distance with the rest of the atheletes, sometimes ahead of the group and sometimes falling behind. Yet, in the final lap, the runner decides to give in his BEST...he runs the hardest and the fastest that ever knew..this inspite of all the pain and the exhaustion...the runner just shrugs it all off, empties his mind of all thoughts, negative or positive and all that he repeats to himself is "I've got to run."


mini said...


coffee said...

:) the afterthought makes a lot of sense, especially in your case....

shweta said...

yupie the after thot was nice ...infact it makes me think also ....tht well all is not lost na ..after all ...i can still ...

ani said...

i totally luv ur after thought!! but i feel like the "year ending" guy rite now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

Raam Pyari said...

even i feel like the year ending guy..err..i mean girl rite now..
had colg since morning, banged my head against a sneseless project, did some CAT padhai( sab kutch gadbad kara(, chochibg mein had a GD,(topic:excessive exposure of the female anatomy should be banned in advertisments....grrrrrr), me and this guy, we ended up being the only 2 ppl who were speaking and this guy who was moderating says that we are getting personal(!!!!!!!!!!!!! we were talking abt, SRK then!!)
and ofcrse we will get the response card soon!
yeah right, how i wait for that!
so now i have splitting headache and everything is rubbish!

achcha achcha okay...ab no more drama!!
all the best for the all thw work, well!

arpz said...

too cool ! introspective is the word that comes to mind when I read your after thought ... but otherwise , i remember my dad saying "year end" :)
and now my dad knows the harried look on my face when i say "1st week of the month"

Shekhar said...

mini: smiles..

coffee: smiles...thanks. You just gave a wonderful boost to my confidence. I can almost see myself in a TV ad saying "Coffee is the secret of my energy...oops..sorry, confidence AND energy!!" :D

anna: //all is not lost na ..after all ...i can still ...

Reminds me of a scene from LOTR where a battle seems extremely hopeless and a boy tells the hero Aragorn how the army thinks that they will not survive the night..that there was no hope. Aragorn just kneels down in front of the boy, rests his hands on the boy's shoulders, looks him straight in the eye and says, "There is always hope."

Awesome scene. :)

ani: Oye "year ending" feel karne waali, u better be more like the spectator who shouts 'Come on, come on, you can do it'. I'll be needing it. :)

moonwalker: Chinta naa kari, response card mein verdict 'badhiya' aayega. Mera aashirwaad hai (God! Am I that old??) Btw, thanks for the wishes.

P.S. Have you ever wondered how both the planet and a chocolate have the same name, Mars. Hmmm..interesting. :))

arpz: Ha ha. "1st week of the month". Nice one. Reminds me of the good ol' time when I was working and I had the privilege of looting people and saying a similar "1st day of the new month" to my boss and charge him for work I'd delegated to other people. *evil grin*

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! »