Sunday, March 05, 2006

Me happy

Me happy. And no, this isn't those times when I'm feeling happy after a long, long, time. Aji, main to aise hi thoda pagal (the use of the word 'thoda' as a prefix to 'pagal' with reference to me has led to debates more serious than the ones on nuclear non-proliferation) kisam ka insaan hoon, it doesn't take much to make me cheerful and happy. Beautiful stars pop out in the night sky, noisy children run like mad in the garden, sun shines (no puns intended) brightly in the early morning, I get offered a chilled glass of lassi, Angelina Jolie/Aishwarya Rai sexily stares back at me from my computer desktop....Shekhar is happy. Get the idea?

I just wanted to list down the reasons for why I'm feeling so happy....for future purposes of course. For example, what if in the future, the night sky only reminds me of the few hours left to an exam (!!!), the noisy children turn out to be neighbour's kids who are in the garden even when one's "sar dard se fataa jaa raha hai" ala those Vicks Action 500 tv ads and instead of Angelina Jolie/Aishwarya Rai, I have been threatened into marrying a 89.32 kg, oil-dripping hair braided-into-'do choti' daughter of a Bihar MLA who is a distant relative of Lalloo Prasad Yadav. Honestly, life can get very unfair.

And as it so often happens, one thing reminds you of something else. I was reminded of the anonymous comment to my tag regarding 'Things I don't like'. The anon reader had asked me about the things that make me happy (specifically speaking, "aur tainu achha ki lagta hai?" was the query). And though it originally wasn't my intention to answer the question here, it turns out that the result of the intent to write down what makes me happy currently shall also partially answer the question (Errr...I too am a bit confused, let me read the last sentence again). So, here goes...

1. I've just consumed my 3rd cup of coffee for the day. *Evil grin* This ALWAYS makes me happy. I've often wondered whether I should've taken up engineering instead of B. Com just because of the ease with which I can consume gallons of tea and coffee.

2. I've finally made the "first" proper book review for my new blog 'My reviews'. What gives me more happiness is the fact that the book happens to be the biography of Swami Vivekananda. :) So Cool !! And what gives me EVEN more happiness (now really!!) is that I am looking towards beginning a blog together with friends where we will come together just to write book reviews. Let me see how this plan shapes up, it certainly sounds interesting.

3. Having read Freakonomics by Steven Levitt, my mind is brimming with ideas and is looking at the things around me with a curious and questioning mind. Some thoughts are really interesting. Perhaps, I'll put them down here. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right and maybe what I say will be controversial, but I'm a little known person, so 'ki farak penda hai yaaron?'

4. I have quite a few ideas for new posts in my mind. I'm not being able to put 'em ideas down here immediately due to lack of time, but I'm certainly going to express myself. Airtel zindabaad !

5. Can you imagine how a 5 year old would feel standing in a candy store with a 500 rupee note? That is what I feel like right now. That is because I have gotten hold of a couple of books which really excite me. Like I said, I've just finished reading 'Freakonomics'. These are the books in the pipeline:

i. Adventures of a Bystander - Peter Drucker (currently reading)
ii. Karma Yoga - Swami Vivekananda (currently reading)
iii. Managing Radical Change - Sumantra Ghoshal, Gita Piramal & Christopher Bartlett
iv. Wings of Fire - APJ Abdul Kalam
v. Life's Mysteries - Osho

Hmmmm.....all in all, a good way to conclude this week. :)


Raam Pyari said...

books ki aajkal very sad ishtory hai:(
i have no book to read right now:(
yesterday i went to buy LOTR(pirated edition) with 100 bucks...turns out the pirated edition is also 150 bucs ka
Right now i have no access to any worthy library and it breaks my heart:(
there are soooooooo many buks that i want to read:(:(:((
Wud love to read petr druckr, though i gess i wud nt understand much, but still i want to read it...
*deep sigh!*
Waise i did read Harry Potter :D
okay okay no need to roll ur eyes!

amit said...

so many books.... sahi..... i used to read a lot of crap,errr i mean books, but ab aadat choot gayi hai.
vaise enjoy the current state of bliss....

Shekhar said...

moonwalker: Arre bhai, why should I roll my eyes?? In fact, me glad to find another HP fan!! :D I've only read the first two HP books :( but I'll definitely catch up on them someday. The books are indeed magical. However, I've also read LOTR (he he, I've got a one-volume edition, woh bhi origianl maal) and I prefer LOTR to HP because of the grander scale on which LOTR is written. Oye ladki, koi nahi, thodi si mehnat aur kar, use the BBG equation (beg, borrow, steal) and I'm sure you'll get your hand on many books. :)

amit: Going by the number of books I've managed to surround myself, ye state of bliss kam se kam 1 mahine tak to chalega hee.. :D

trash_u said...

oye. jaldi khatam kar.. people are in queue to get hold of those books...

arpz said...

Vivekananda, the one book I love from the depths for my heart, and also hate from the very same depths of my heart, two entirely diff reasons, but is the most sublime life ever lead in the modern times by an ascetic.

ani said...

happiness is the art of making a bouquet of the flowers within reach! :-)

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