Saturday, December 22, 2012

The stolen kiss

"Tell me more about stolen kisses," she had said.

He took another sip of whisky, put down the glass and stared at the blinking cursor. His fingers flew across the keyboard.


"Here's a book you might like," she said.

"Hmm. A Greek mythological love story," he remarked, reading the back-cover of the book she had handed him.

He pushed her against the row of dusty books in the old library, quickly looking over his shoulder to make sure the septuagenarian librarian wasn't around.

"You like these, do you?" he whispered, as he looked into her bright, kohl-lined eyes.

"Don't you?" she asked him, with a flutter of her eyelids and a quickened breath.

He let his arms gently hold her waist as he pulled himself closer to her.

"I do," he whispered as he moved closer.

Their eyes faltered, and closed.

They stole a kiss in the old library. The dusty books of Greek mythology were their only witnesses.


"Not bad," he said as he emptied his glass.

He poured himself some more whisky...

Friday, December 07, 2012


Even before the cobwebs of sleep had cleared from his mind, he checked his phone. No unread messages. “Not to worry,” he told himself, “she will call soon.” The majestic sun travelled its long distance across the sky. He dropped dead on his bed. No unread messages. It had been two years. The wait continued.

Thursday, December 06, 2012


Mlinzal twitched nervously. Boss Zoltan had made it clear he would leave Mlinzal back on Earth if he didn’t manage to snare at least one earthling. Which is why, Mlinzal had camouflaged himself as a human in this hideous “shopping mall”. As a female walked towards him, he gently offered the tray to her. “Chocolate?”