Saturday, March 25, 2006

What would you do?

Another quick post before I hit the books.

Strolling around blogworld, I came across this interesting post. The post ended with a question that the blogger had been faced with:

What would you do in life if money wasn't a constraint?

I too was stumped for an answer for a couple of seconds. But immediately piped up, "Start my own company."

"Abe dhakkan," came back the reply from the 'saner' part of the brain, "company khol ke karega kya? Aata aur saabun bechega??"

*Deathly silence*

Well, truth be told, I really don't know. In fact, every time I've told people that I wanted to do something of my own, they've asked me what precisely I'd like to do. And that is where I've been stumped again.

Unfortunately, this MBA doesn't seem to be helping me answer those people back either.

This obviously remains a deep, deep regret with this MBA studies. I remember coming across a book in the library which was by a company which had been fed up with people with fancy college degrees but completely unable to do the most basic of managerial jobs. The book was very aptly titled "What we need: Managers, not MBAs"

I've realised one thing through this post. I really do not know how successful I shall be working for someone else, unless I have a position in the organisation which allows me the freedom to do my own thing in order to achieve their goals. The only other option would be to have my own startup. Which would again require money and lot of technical help in whichever field I decide to take a plunge in.

No matter what the outcome, I now know what I need to do. All the best to me.

And hey, selling 'saabun' doesn't seem to that bad an idea after all. Didn't Nirma's Karsan Bhai Patel start off on that very route? And today he's what, worth around 1,800 crores?? Not bad!!