Monday, March 06, 2006

I want to win

At times, I wonder whether it is as simple as that.

No jargons, no mathematics, no statistically proved nonsense.

Just sit down and tell yourself that you want to succeed...AT ANY COST. That's it. There's something that needs to be done and you must do it. End of matter. Decide the 1 or 2 things that define your parameters of success, decide what it is that needs to be done...and then HUNT THOSE DAMN THINGS DOWN !!!!

I do not know why all of a sudden at 6 o' clock on a Monday morning (when I've been awake the whole night), I'm writing this down. All that I am trying to do is capture this moment...the moment that has perhaps let me know, how to achieve that which I want to achieve.

Pardon my inability to express it here in words. This is more of a personal milestone for this traveller. Hope you won't mind. And I of course, also hope, that someday, you too might finally achieve this milestone. Amen.


arpz said...

good going , I want to win too, and I pray our paths neva cross in this aspect, cos im sure u'll lose if u contend against me for I WILL WIN AT ANY COST and i dont want you to lose :P

Good Luck pal !

Raam Pyari said...

I think I'll go back to CAT ki padhai.....
Loved ur words..
very inspiring....
This is now my most fave post, evah!
simply awesome:)

Shekhar said...

arpz: Hah! Keep dreaming. :P

moonwalker: *Beaming with pride* Thanks. And yes, it actually makes me very happy to think that my words have inspired someone. May the light of Planet Mars guide you on your path to success.

DeePDiveR said...

which's harder? defining parameters of success...or actually following the steps to achieve those parameters??

by the way....i did start reading swami vivekananda's life by swami nikhilananda....very captivating...especially the scene when swamiji swims to the rock in the middle of the indian ocean...ever an admirer of such tenacity and courage

ani said...

Mom called last nite... askin me if i'm fine. I sed earthquake wise I am n otherwise i wanna go back (u knw wht i'm talkin abt!)

She sent me this message, "what the mind can concieve and believe, it can achieve... especially so wen u have ur heart in it!"

Shekhar said...

deepdiver: Well, in my idea, it is defining the paramaters of success which is usually more difficult. It is like first deciding which direction to run in and then, once that's decided, to RUN LIKE HELL..

ani: :) No matter what, always have the twinkle that you have in ur eyes.

May I said...

"Success is a mind game" goes the quote.
and very aptly it epitomises every thing that can be said abt success.
the only so called formula i have come across( and i bet it works) is that be successful in ur mind first and than follow it up on the ground.

cheers to success for one and all.

Anonymous said...

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