Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Ok, you heard it here first.

We experienced an earthquake here around 1/2 an hour back. Waise everything is cool. Nobody is worried or anything and junta is happily chilling out. Allright, most guys (n gals, for good measure) ran out of the hostel buildings and were merrily chatting away. What's even better, they played 'antakshari' to relieve the tension.

*slaps head in frustration

Kya miyaa, yahaan pe logon ko apni jaan se zyada chillout ki fikar hai.

But, I guess their explanation is: Life is short, jaana hai to aise hi chale jayenge. Much rather go singing and laughing.


Hone do, dil ko..fanaaaa...!!!

P.S. It has been a few hours since I made the post. I was just going through the post again when the word 'fanaa' caught my imagination as well as my curiosity. On checking the Net for the meaning of the word, I realised the irony of the word being used in this context. Apparently, 'fanaa' means Annihilation, although in a completely different context.

Uee maaaa !!!


Anonymous said...

gees, sometimes it does help to read a random blog.. saw here first. Good that everything is fine (I have relatives in Guj)


Raam Pyari said...

arre shekar,,,,yeh earth na rehne layak nahi!!!!
tum bolo toh next filght parr Mars ke tickets buk karr lo!!!
boriya bistarr bandh aur or apna des ..err... planet laut chal!!

p.s. So , you are all okay!that bherry bherry nice:)

I was not able to comment to ur previous post.there was some problem.
It was fantastic!!!!!! and very very indspiribg!!!!!

ani said...

tat uee maaaa! is way tooo cute!
vaise we all thot the quake quz coz manvika wuz playn basketball!! :-D

Shekhar said...

Pavan: Hey dude, nice to know that you dropped by. I hope your relatives are fine and were not much troubled by the tremors.

moonwalker: Thankeee. :D

And also thank u for the offer, lekin dharti maa ko akele kaise rehne doon. *Bends down, picks up some mitti n here comes d teeka* Mai to dharti-putra hoon.

ani: Ueee maaa !! :)

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