Thursday, March 16, 2006


Quarter to 3 in the morning. My desk is covered with books, yesterday's newspaper, my cellphone, a coffee mug, library books and incomplete project submissions. A hush has enveloped the hostel. People who have partied hard during the day and have studied even harder in the evening are off to sleep. A few insomniacs (your's truly included) are still awake wondering how to complete that darned Operations Management project submission that must be made anyhow by 5 p.m. tomorrow evening. As the world of men pauses all its actions, the following song with the haunting voice of Hemant Kumar comes up on my media player and causes me to stop typing, stretch even as I sit on my chair...and smile.

Tum Pukaar Lo, Tumhaaraa Intazaar Hai,
Tum Pukaar Lo
Khvaab Chun Rahii Hai Raat, Beqaraar Hai
Tumhaaraa Intazaar Hai, Tum Pukaar Lo

Honth Pe Liye Hue Dil Kii Baat Ham
Jaagate Rahenge Aur Kitanii Raat Ham
Muqtasar Sii Baat Hai Tum Se Pyaar Hai
Tumhaaraa Intazaar Hai, Tum Pukaar Lo

Dil Bahal To Jaayegaa Is Khyaal Se
Haal Mil Gayaa Tumhaaraa Apane Haal Se
Raat Ye Qaraar Kii Beqaraar Hai
Tumhaaraa Intazaar Hai, Tum Pukaar Lo

- Khamoshi (1969)


shweta said...

all the best for ur project lage raho ....5.00 mein deri hai chill maaro ....see ya ...gud luck

amit said...

gud luck yaar.... nice poem

Shekhar said...

anna: Well guess what?? We kept awake almost the entire night to finish the project, only to be told by the professor the next day that he'd extended the deadline till Monday since most groups hadn't been able to complete it.

amit: Thanks dude. :)

Anonymous said...

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