Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The two factors

The other day, I was having a discussion with two close friends. The following just happened as a result of the conversation. Interesting point.

There are 2 things that a runner must decide.

One, what is the speed at which he must run to outdo the fastest and the best in the group. Only when he strategises at what speed he will run and how he will pace himself can the runner have any chance of winning the competition. He must remember that if he must outdo the best, he must run better than the best; the quality of his running must be absolutely top class.

But, what is even more important is point two.


This for him is even more decisive than the first factor, since in whichever direction he looks, he will find different grounds, different competitors running at different speeds. What is important therefore, is not to make a mad dash at the first finish line that the runner spots. He must first decide for himself which direction he wants to run in and which is the race that he wants to win.


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