Friday, May 26, 2006

Mom and Me

By the way, here's another one of my all time favorite pic. That's me Mommy teaching the dude to walk.
P.S. Notice the stuff in the show-cases behind? Those are the toys I played with and I still have ALL of them. :D


Raam Pyari said...

somehow or the other I stared at ur mum for about 20 seconds before it struck me that you must be somewhere here as well!!!

Ur mumz luking in very strong and sturdy types...reminds me of my mummy badi(tai jji)

martian learns to walk?

jeez that waz wayyy tooo dumb:D

mini 'nobody' said...

very cute pic:))..
i wanna c that showcase wala pic too:D
and yep... i also spent some secs looking at ur mom and then moved my attention to(find)u..~grins~

saurav-ko-gussa-aata-hai said...

good to c phone around..
or may be auntijee was moving u awy frm the phone..;-)

Rose said...

Amazing is the phase when u r literally stuck to ur mother's fingers..:)

Y are the toys kept on the shelves, out of ur reach?



Shekhar said...
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Shekhar said...

raam pyari: //martian learns to walk?

More like 'Martian finds his feet'.

mini 'nobody'/mini devil: Tu ruk...let me get back to Ahmedabad. And btw, Happy Birthday (06/06/06)

saurav-ko-gussa-aata-hai: Now that you've mentioned it, she was actually taking me TOWARDS where it was kept. :D

rose: //Amazing is the phase when u r literally stuck to ur mother's fingers

Wuaaahh....I wanna go HOME again..back to Mummyyyyy..(sheesh, I'm such a kid!!)

Sayesha said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ab kuch pics grown up Shekhar ki ho jaayein? ;)

Basanti said...

choooooooo chweeeeeeeeeeet....