Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Indian on the Moon

It is not everytime that I laugh when someone refers to the Reservation issue, but just couldn't help myself when I read this:

Manmohan Singh to Bush – We are sending Indians to the moon next year.

Bush – Wow! How Many?

Manmohan Singh - 100

25 - OBC
25 - SC
20 - ST
5 - Handicapped
5 - Sports Persons
5 - Terrorist Affected
5 - Kashmiri Migrants
9 - Politicians.........

and if possible 1 – Astronnaut


Sayesha said...

Hahahaha! Brilliant! :D

Raam Pyari said...

hahhahahahha that was funny!!!

from ur previous post..//Btw, bahut dino baad?

i visit regularly, its just that I am in the no-comments mode these days..
cummon!!! tumhara blog toh i chek very regularly:D

saurav-ko-gussa-kyun-aata-hai said...

n i m wondering that we were sending unmanned mission to moon..
yeh astronaut kahan se aa gaya..

mtv fylly faltoo..
congratz.. in 24hrs u have made NASA... satyaNASA

Shekhar said...

sayesha: I burst out laughing so loud when I read this that people in the cyber cafe around me were wondering whether the 48 kilo me had just found out that I was related to Yokozuna. This one really had me in splits.

raam pyari: :D Haan bhai, martian doston se bachna aasan nahi, and I ain't complaining, lady.

saurav-ko-gussa-kyun-aata-hai: //satyaNASA..

ha ha..that was a good one. Join the Punning community in Orkut. Tu waha pe theek replies post kar sakega.

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

//I laughed at it

Arre bhai u thought this is joke?..Na..

Beta this is future of our nation.

Just wait for few years apna Arjun Singh is working hard to make this joke a reality.

Shekhar said...

abhishek: Arre baba, darao mat..ladai jaari hai..

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