Monday, May 15, 2006

For the record v 2.01

Ok..saying that this was simply version 2 would've been good enough.. but for a guy who quit science at the class 10 level after mistakenly drawing an amoeba instead of a baby cockroach, "THESE TECHNICAL GUYS ARE CRAZY...." *points repeatedly to his head with the sound 'Tap! Tap! Tap!'*
I thought that these tech. guys must add all their .01/.02/.03/.00000632343 to the updates of their softwares just to confuse 'Commerce babuas' like yours truly.
But, the point is....did you notice anything in particular??
Yep. I'm referring to the "THESE TECHNICAL GUYS ARE CRAZY..." ('Tap! Tap! Tap!') Straight out of Obelix's dictionary.
Have completed the following since my last announcement:
1. The Complete Asterix series (well, 29 comic books, to be precise) *Yippeeee !!!!!!*
2. After The Funeral - Agatha Christie
By Toutatis !! I'm enjoying myself....


mini said...

smiles... r u enjoying??

Shekhar said...

mini: Hu hu ha ha ha ha. *Editor's note: This is my official version of the 'Mogambo Khush Hua' laugh* Of course I am.

Anonymous said...

Hello shekar,
happened go thru ur site and i do think it is a cool one.what rivetted my attention more was this reference to toutatis. hello i am crazy about asterixs and anyone who can relate to that humour is in my league !!!
anyaways , since u had mentioned about reading this many asterixs. i happened to come across a blog by one arnab of bangladesh, and he had mentioned a link to download the asterixs comics for free. i amm passing it on cos, happiness has to be shared. it is
this link will enable you to download the entire range free !!! happy reading !!!

Shekhar said...

Hi Bharathi,

Thanks !! :) I've always loved 'Asterix & Obelix'. In fact, I started liking them more once I grew up rather than when I was a kid.

In fact, I have the entire asterix series on my laptop and it is great to just read a few pages from any of his adventures at the end of a long day in office.