Saturday, May 06, 2006

For the record

I'm so addicted to blogger that I'm using it as a notepad now...

Hence, I just wanted to jot down the e-books that I've read in the past 3 weeks.

Here goes:

1. A Quiver full of Arrows - Jeffrey Archer
2. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - J. K. Rowling
3. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - J. K. Rowling
4. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - J. K. Rowling
5. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - J. K. Rowling
6. Deception Point - Dan Brown
7. And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie
8. 4:50 from Paddington - Agatha Christie


trash_u said...

Lage raaho india...
n this is in respone to the previous comment..!!!!
*&!@#!@!>!@#@@#@#@ 34@$@@!@#!@$
n i wasted my 22 years in studyin for them...

trash_u said...

Lage raaho india...
n this is in respone to the previous comment..!!!!

shweta said...

oyeee did u sachi read ....harry potter in the net ...kaun sa site ....i didnt noe abt it ..chal thnks fo ka naam bata diyo last waali padni hai ...nd cheeses dosa ...yaar mun mein paani aagaya ....nazar nahi laga rahi ..kha le ...nahi toh mujhe kosoge...chal byeee ...njoy ..waise statesman mein freelancing college ke thru kiya ...yah phir apne aap se ..??nd inbtwn gimme sme timps also yaar how to join them .. byee nd update me

mini said...

i am competing with u.. laughs.. i have finished reading almost all the books u gave me:D...but... dunno... how u manage to read e books!!!

Raam Pyari said...

1.archer i dun read

2. askaban is my fave HP.
3.Deceprion point is gud, though i like digital fortress better:D
4.And Then There Were None --is my FAVE AC.

Shekhar said...

trash_u: He he he..ask CT and Mini..abhi abhi pata chala hamaar official status @ CNBC is that of a "Mgt. Consultant" !! Babua..!!! What's better....Schumi WON !! Yeah!!

anna: Mmm...sorry for disappointing you, but I have the e-books saved on my comp, didn't read them on the Net. Some guy at the hostel had given 'em to me. If you want, I could mail them to you.

As for Statesman, it so happened that my debating partner in college knew a couple of folks at Statesman House, day we just end up at their office asking if we could write, they say that if you can write anything decent...well, the rest as they say, is history. :D

mini: Ok, ok, I agree that you finished "Atlas Shrugged" (finally!!), but you still have to finish LOTR !!

raam pyari: 1. I like Archer's books (fav: Kane & Abel). Question is: Why don't you read Archer? "Koi...puraani dushmani, thakurain??" --> Hark back to Jai (Amitabh) speaking to Thakur Saab (Sanjeev Kumar) in Sholay.

2. Of the 6 HP that I've read, "Goblet of Fire" with its description of the Tournament is my favorite.

3. I liked Deception Point, haven't read Digital Fortress (as yet), and Da Vinci code remains my fav. Dan Brown book. :D

4. And Then There Were None was absolutely AWESOME !! No doubt about that.. **shakes hands with raam pyari**

Raam Pyari said...

hmmm..... baat yu hai ki..
waise toh hum jaydah bolatein nahi hai..
pata nahi kyuun lekin ocntemporary authors jyadah pasand nahi aatein..lekin je baat bhi sahi hai ki humane archer jee ko kabhi koi chance bhi nahi diya hai..humar ghar mein...prodigal daughter toh def padi hui hai, tum bolatein ho toh ek baar try karra hi ja sakta hai...
asal mein socha jaaye toh baat yu hai ki...humane 5-6 sheldon padhi thi...ek si story sab mein..ek page parr jab tak 2 murder na hoye tab tak sheldon jee ka hazma theek nahi rehta hai...iske alawah, unki heroine maxxx gorgeous hoti hai, aur iske alwah woh maxxxx inti bhi hoti hai...toh mein shayad thoda disillusioned si ho gayi...
parr 100 rupaye ki ek baat--ab tum bol rahe ho, toh ek baar toh arecher jee ko try karra hi jayega.

apart from a few buks(2nd hand) yesterday.
1.daughet of the east-benazir bhutto.
2. one mc lean
3.bill clinton ki auto biography.
4. am reading INDIRA right now.

waah! waah1 buk lovers mile toh converstaion flow!
kyunki baat yu hai ki..
waise toh hum jaydah bolatein nahi hai..

Shekhar said...

raam pyari / basanti II: Je too reading 'Prodigal Daughter' in bits and pieces. Whatever I've read till now, it's good. And you should definitely try reading Archer's book of short stories (A Quiver Full of Arrows, To Cut A Long Story Short etc.) They are nice. [Obviously, O. Henry still retains the no. 1 position of short-story teller in my books]

It is unfortunate that people often think that Sheldon and Archer would have similar writing styles. I started reading both of them at the same time too, around class 8 or so. But Archer is different..just so different. I very rarely read Sheldon these days, just as a break from heavy-duty reading.

As for the rest..

1. Would love to read Daughter of the East..let's see, I might requisition it at the insti. library once i'm back @ A'bad

2. I LOVE all Mc Lean books. :D

3. raam pyari aur Bill Clinton ki autobiography...*shocked look*

4. Again, Indira must be an AWESOME read...would love to get my hands on that book.

Waise...tumhara naam kya hai Basanti II..err..raam pyaari..err..fellow Martian..

Oh Heck !! I'll just call you Ruchi. :D

Raam Pyari said...

pata hai kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
i forgot to add this in my previous comment but

buk no 5
a collection of o henry jee ka kaam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rose said...


So wich did u like best..



Shekhar said...

anna: Well, all were really nice (who ever said I wasn't diplomatic?) but 'And Then There Were None' was just mind-blowing !!! An awesome read.

amit said...

hvnt read any of them... seems a lot of catching up to look up to

Restless said...

cool!!...dude..what else r u doing apart from reading(i don't think u get time 4 anything else:P)i like Jeffrey Archer..specially his last page twists:))

Bruce Almighty said...

itne books padhi.... u can as well write a novel now.... must appreciate ur reding speed and appetite.

shweta said...

whos the author .....??

Shekhar said...

amit: O sirjee, itte dinooo baad ?? Tussi kithe ho..Ok, Ok..u went to Hyderabad..I know. And do definitely let us know if you read up anything interesting.

restless: Ha ha, you're right buddy. Both, about my being blissfuly caught up in reading and about Jeffrey Archer's works. And since you enjoy last page twists, do read O. Henry if u haven't read 'em till now. They're good. :)

rohan: Hmm, writing a book..definitely worth considering....Nah nah..Don't worry, not considering it seriously, bro. ;)

anna:Agatha Christie.

adit said...

I like e-books too. please send the jeff archer one to
I got a lot of em.

Shekhar said...

adit: Hey adit, minor glitch. I don't have connection to the Net at home, so can't transfer the ebooks from the laptop. :((

Could do it once I'm in A'bad, but you'll have to wait..err..till the 16th of June, that is.

But if I do miraculously manage a pen-drive from somewhere before that, be sure to get cracking on those e-books. Cheers. :D

adit said...

Umm.. Ok but tell me where you got them ie. which p2p or website. is a good site for ebooks. its russian so u gotta use some common sense to search for eng ones

Shekhar said...

Hey adit...thanks a ton. Well, the only problem is that there's a firewall at the insti.. :((

But of course, we've found a way out.. :))

So, will surely check out

The rest of the books are just lying in the laptops of the guys at the hostel..

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