Friday, May 12, 2006

Sick !! Sick !! Sick !!

...and even pathetic, for that matter.
I spent the better part of the morning today for a friend to fly in from Calcutta at the Santacruz Airport. Thank you, Air ghante bhooke pet khadaa rehna padaa. But that wasn't what got me feeling miserable.
I spent a good 1 hour standing next to this Bengali fellow. He too seemed to be waiting for someone arriving by the same flight.
Okay, point number 1: Friends/relatives/well-wishers/people in 'close contact' with folks who stink should very seriously present a dozen bottles of deodorant to the guy, alongwith photocopy of pages of the Oxford English Dictionary which contain the definitions of 'stink', 'perspiration' and 'deodorant'.
People who still refuse to use the deo, should be appointed in the defence ministry to torture captured millitants. A few of these guys in the Defence arsenal and Indian should be free from millitant related activities till Axe/Rexona/Hugo Boss/Others make an effect on the 'smelly souls'.
Point Number 2: I HATE LECHERS All that the guy did was lech at ALL the girls he could set his sights on. The disgusting manner in which he kept looking at the various air-hostesses / teenage girls who'd come to see off their dads to the airport / (and the most disgusting part) young mothers who were travelling with their kids, made me feel Sick !! Sick !! Sick !!
What's worse, I couldn't do a thing about it !! And this infuriated me even more. It was only a few days ago that Sunshine had blogged about a similar shameful incident in the Calcutta Metro...and yet, the 'yuck' scene was being acted out right in front of my eyes...and there I was, standing helplessly.
I mean, what could I have done ??
I wanted to blog a bit more about myself a bit more clearly...but am too filled with RAGE right now to write anything further


shweta said...

ahem ..well..u cant do nething abt it ...r u sure ???.....raise the alarm ...if u cant fite it out urself ..thr will b others atleast who will do it ....remember if u r thr with a deifnate chief aim ...ppl will help u out long as u r rite ...hai na ...toh ...jst well next time b alert.........!!!

mini said...

hey! i didn't know about it..(btw, i finished my deo just this morning;) me a new one:P..

shekhar shekhar shekhar...
chill...don't get too upset...but certainly u can do sth...will talk to u abt baby

Raam Pyari said...

hmmmm....koi nahi....
nice to see a guy spekaing this way

Shekhar said...

anna: Hey, although I agree the "raise the alarm bit", the problem is what actually could folks like me do? I mean, its ok reading up the BLANK NOISE PROJECT blog and supporting it by perhaps leaving messages on people's blogs..but what next?

I dunno, maybe the next time I see it happening, I could just perhaps give the guy a rude shove or at least a mouthful...a LOUD mouthful so that people around me who agree with my stand support me as well. (If they don't, *shrugs*, what the hell...I'd have done my bit at least)

mini: Oye mini, recharge ke bhi paise khatam aur deo bhi gaya...ab tera kya hoga ??

raam pyari: I'm ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN there are tonnes of other guys who feel this way...just that they don't speak up or are mute (like I was) when they see this happening. I'm not willing to believe that NO guy thinks of the trauma that his mom/sis/girlfriend/wife might have to go through when travelling in public.

arpz said...

**smug** helps my assumption that not all males are leches ! there are exceptions everywhere , and im glad to be reading the blog of the exception ! :)

Shekhar said...

arpz: *smiles* Honestly, though, there are many EXCEPTIONS. I just wish they would voice their opinions more often. I know Abhinav Sir jee does.