Friday, May 26, 2006

Nobody's perfect.

Nobody's perfect.
I'm nobody
You've surely read this on a T-shirt before. And if you haven't... well, now you've read it anyway.
I have no idea where this quote popped into my head from. And yet somehow, it kicked off a toy-train of thoughts in my mind:
Of course, the quote makes sense. It's not about being conceited; just a witty expression of confidence.
But at a deeper level...
Of course, every individual is different, and so, nobody is like me. So, how could I ever call someone 'perfect' ? There could be 'good', 'nice' or 'awesome' people, but not 'perfect'.
Obviously. I'm me. Nobody can predict 'me', nobody can be 'me'. And, as far as I'm concerned, I'm PERFECT. Of course there are blemishes in me, but that is precisely what makes the perfect me. :D
Know what is funny about the human mind? It can think a hell of a lot of rubbish stuff in very very little time. For example? The enitre semi-philosophical debate took place in my chotu sa dimaag within a grand total of 60 seconds of waking up today morning.
And then? I thought to myself "Abbe dhakkan, savere savere aur kuch kaam nahin hai kya? Chal chal, kaam pe chal...


mini said...

hi mr perfect...~smiles~... u shud sleep properly;)...amazing... just 60 secs!!...

wasie, i counted... umm... '_'... blemishes in u in under 5 sec:P

mini 'nobody':P

panjandrum said...

dude...ur awesome...u can make us i said earlier..get into professional writing....stat!!

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