Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Where am I?

Uneasy is what I am. REAL uneasy.
Well, my senses are confused. I'm listening to a fun song that reminds me of her ('Ek nazar mein bhi pyar hota hai', it is from the movie...err...can't remember the name, that John Abraham-Nana Patekar movie. Seriously, I've lost all hope, so completely not in touch with Bollywood.) By the time I finished trying to remember the name of the movie and typing the above, there's already another song which is playing... 'Teri Deewani' by Kailash Kher. Again, this makes me feel homesick all the more...'she' had dedicated this song to me, not too long ago.
All right, so why exactly are my senses confused?
Well, I've spent the whole day sleeping. And the reason why I've been away from blog world is also related.
An Uncle had a mild heart attack a week ago, after which he was shifted to the Lilavati Hospital. Though his condition improved considerably, the doctors realised that 3 of his arteries were blocked and that a bypass surgery was necessary. Dad flew in from Calcutta on Sunday night and yesterday we spent the entire day at the hospital. Only at around 8:30 in the evening we got to know that the operation went off successfully.
But, the day wasn't over yet. Earlier in the day, I got a call from a batchmate from Nirma. Another friend from Nirma had been hospitalised and someone needed to spend the night at the hospital. I volunteered after asking Dad, and he said 'Cool'. Seems like I have the Lord's blessings around me...the night went off peacefully (although it was a most uncomfortable chair that I slept in), and the friend was to be discharged from hospital today. Moreover, Baby Aish is doing fine. :D
Ok, that is the part which comes under the 'Great News' title.
Now for the more worrying part of my life, which I would've done better by not unloading here, but what the heck...
(To those who aren't used to my ways, I ALWAYS like to make a list of my troubles/worries. At times, they just allow me to realise that I do not have as many problems I'd originally thought I have. Also, they're helpful in strategising what I should do in order to get over these problems.)
1. Work
Ok, work has piled on. There's quite a lot of office work that needs to be completed before I leave Mumbai. Also, the project report needs to be prepared to give to the bosses and powers-that-be at CNBC. Obviously, the report should not let anyone know about the serious stupidity-bouts that I suffer from. And THAT is a mammoth task in itself.
There is this competition for which I got selected from my institute. I need to co-ordinate with 4 other batchmates for this contest, and they are currently at Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Calcutta and Bangalore. And there's tonnes of work to be done, since this is an international competition, and in case we crack the all-India finals, we'll be headed to Paris.
3. Some problem which I can do nothing about but just mentally prepare myself. Hence, I won't write about it. Way too personal, folks.
I do hope I get cracking about my problems soon.


shweta said...

Mumbai ...meri jaan mein tussi bas gaye ho .....
dose shose kha liye ..
dusron ko hospital bhija diye ..
hey bhaggu!!!!
quiet a achievement ..
nahi kya ..???
kidding ..
i hope ur frnd as well as ur uncle is keeping fine now ..
nd do keep cming to net ...mr vanisher...

Rose said...

Hope ur uncle and friend are fine now..

I luv the song 'Teri Deewani'..

Im sure evrythn wil be fine.. Lukn foward for the gud ol' witty Shekhar..



Sayesha said...

Shekhar, don't worry yaar... things have a way of working themselves out, with a lil help from you :)

Shekhar said...

shweta: Yahi par hoon...

rose: Well, they're both fine now. :) *touch wood*

sayesha: Ab kya bataaun yaar, main hoon hi itni aflatoon cheez... :D

badmaash me