Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I'm just like any other human being. Writing my blog, publishing it on the net and seeing people appreciate it feels great. In fact, there could be nothing more wonderful than logging onto the Net and finding comments on your post. And, sometimes like a greedy gut, I call up or message friends to tell them about a new post, so that they may immediately tell me whether they like it or not. (I've even asked a friend to read an entire post while I waited on an STD call to gauge whether she liked my latest effort.)
The last time when I called up a friend and screamed 'New post', she immediately logged onto my blog, and her first reaction at 'The Movie Freak' was...."Hey bhagwaan, itna lamba post....lagta hai Sayesha ki aadat lag gayi tujhe bhi.' He he he he.. :D
Anyway, this ain't some post about how I've yet again changed my desktop wallpaper, which till the time dad was here a few days ago, was adorned with either Shiv ji or with JRD (yes, that how big a fan I am of that guy). Nor is this a record about the books/movies/songs that I've read/seen/heard in the last few days/hours/minutes. [For the record, however, this cyber cafe, notorious for playing songs by screaming pink-haired guys, is playing 'Nahin saamne' from Taal. God bless the guy who's keeping a tab on the music player.]
This is a post about returning to Nirma Institute of Management. This is a post to tell the world how happy I am to return home, in a sense. Over the past year, Ahmedabad has become like a second home. And I'm absolutely looking forward to meeting pals like Basanti, Sam, Shubbu, Tusshi, Mini, Chamku and Kota. Without them, the management classes would've meant death by boredom, and weekends would've turned into quiet days which had forgotten the meaning of laughter, smiles, tensions and worries.
Love you guys, and looking forward to another rocking year at Nirma. Cheerio.
And to all those who have patiently borne reading my blog all this while, you sure can look forward to more posts once I return to my 24x7 internet-connection wala room at the boys hostel. And yes, tussi bhi mere great friend ho. Kasam se. :)


Sayesha said...

//Hey bhagwaan, itna lamba post....lagta hai Sayesha ki aadat lag gayi tujhe bhi.'

Haila... Sayesha ka insult?? Kaun hai yeh friend bata?? Apun ko thoda hisaab chukta karne ka hai! :O

shweta said...

hiiiiiii........ahem ...achi post thi ...thodi senti ...mumbai se nirma ...ab next kya hai ..."mumbai ki yaad"......yah phir ville parle ka stay ....chalo mr vanisher ....nice to noe u hve vanished to ahmedabad ...hihi ...nd njoy ....ur last year ...hve a blast nd a roller coaster ride ...tke care...

Shekhar said...

sayesha: He he.. I fear, Mini is all yours, Sayesha.. :D

shweta: Rock and roll, baby !!

Basanti said...

so met with all ur pals??hmm????went to the usual mandir (madhurya) aur bhog laga liya??huh????hehehe..keep blogging!!

Shekhar said...

basanti: Haan...mandir bhi gaye, bhog bhi lagaya..aur pradakshina bhi ki (woh bhi itni dhoop mein).. :P