Saturday, April 01, 2006

'Aavjo' with a smile

'Aavjo' is the Gujarati equivalent of a 'phir aaiyega' in Hindi or a polite 'do return' in English. It is said at the time of parting or bidding goodbye.

It is time for this blog to take a break. (Nope, this ain't an April Fool's Joke.)

I'm not upset about anything in particular. Nor is it about this.

It is just that The Traveller needs to travel again, on a path where he might find it difficult to narrate stories. Make no mistake, I still love narrating stories; only that it is time for me to go about weaving another one.

Nor am I saying that I shall never return to the world of blogging. Just that I'm not sure whether I will, and if at all, when.

It has been an extremely satisfying journey over the last few months where I enjoyed narrating experiences as well as expressing my own doubts and fears.

This doesn't mean that I shall not be following the blogs that I so loved to read:

Abhinav Jain, whose blog I LOVE the most. At the end of every day, I would look forward to reading a new post on his blog just so that I could laugh away to glory in the dead of the night

Gosia and the absolutely glorious photographs that she takes

Sunshine, who hopefully, I will be meeting soon

Moonwalker aka fellow Martian aka the one who's going to send me chocolates from her first salary

Arpana, who deleted a post that I loved the most [ remember Arpana? :) ]

Sayesha, who writes her blogs with utmost honesty

Amit, a great sport and a fun person to interact with

Trash_u aka Saurav-ko-gussa-kyun-aata-hai. Although this fellow doesn't update his blogs often enough, he's good


Anant, a guy who I respect because he speaks his heart

Nitin, the (almost) ex-IIT dude, now ITC dude and the most trusted friend ever who's just started blogging. Dekhte hain banda kitne din tak naukri or blog dono sambhalta hai ;)

Anna who's become a good friend and has recently started blogging again

and last, but not the least 'her'.



ani said...

ok!! i need an answer and u have to give it to me else i'm going to be eating your head and be very sad!! what is this??? whr u gng? why not blogging??

ki hoya yaaaaar???

(luvd the big jhappi part... but sad abhi.. tussi na jao!!!!)

shweta said...

ailo ...jst when i hve started njoying....reading ur blogs ...aap bandh kar rahe ho ....kyun ...wat for particular reason ....nd inbtwn comments frm u on my blog ...

ruchi said...

I am taking a break toooooooooo!!!!!!
kya timing hai..
n u know..evn i dunno if i will come bak to it!!!!
hum kahin judwa bhai behen toh nahi???

Shekhar said...

Ani: Nah !! No reason 'sweetheart'. [I use that word with caution just 3 days before I leave for Calcutta. :)]

Anna: Yeah, I know. Just when I'd REALLY started enjoying writing my posts...par, ab kya kare... *sighs, sad smile*

Ruchi: Nothing. :))))))))))))))))) *Just smiles at the knowledge that you won't be discontinuing your blog*

Shekhar said...

And for everyone, you can always contact me at

Sayesha said...

Wow, I'm honoured...

Lekin Shekhar, tussi ja rahe ho? :(

arpz said...

shekar, the story has been deleted, its been sent for a short story competition, they did not want hitherto published posts and hence has been put into drafts, if i dont win it ( i dont expect to, anyway) I'll republish it

Shekhar said...

arpz: That was a beautiful story.

arpz said...

hmm, hope it just wins the contest!

arpz said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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