Saturday, April 29, 2006

Muggle world

I've been away..but nah, I haven't exactly been leading a team of brave soldiers on an expedition to reach the summit of the Himalayas. I've been doing something lot more braver..Work! (Don't you dare laugh, Mini.)
No, no seriously. Against the combined will of all the heavenly planets and against the expectations of most friends, I actually am working...just not hard enough. Work has, of course, been interspersed with long durations of sleep, reading Harry Potter, eating bhel-puri/sev-puri/masala-dosas and sleeping again.
In fact, some friends feel that I've become a HP freak! And why not; in the fortnight that I've been here, I've finished reading the 3rd, 4th and 5th installments of the series. And yes, I've already started reading the 'Half Blood Prince', so.....
A word here must be put up in the Defence of Writing Arts...err...J. K. Rowling's writing. Just last night I was talking to a friend in Cal and was irritated no end to find that he actually felt that she (Rowling..not the friend, the friend was a he..but anyway, on to the story again) wrote ultra-rubbish.
I personally feel the books are as good as any 'adult' (not that 'adult', idiot!, mature-buddhi wala adult) suspense novels. What the hell, if they can make me see dreams of playing Quidditch instead of Udita Goswami as a Kingfisher air-hostess, I think she (Rowling, not Udita Goswami) is damn good. (Oh well, just in case Udita Goswami happens to read this blog, you're damn good too, Udita. Of course, I'd be singing 'Ek baar aa jaa, aa jaa' to you instead of Rowling).
The fact remains that Rowling's got a wonderful imagination, writes beautiful plots, and keeps the reader guessing till the end with a wonderfully scripted suspense. What's even more, her books have sold 300 million copies (let's not even count the number of pirated copies that must have been sold in India, leave alone world-wide) and have been translated into 63 languages.
In a world dominated by cable television, the Internet and Sony Playstations, I'm thankful to the Rowling's of this world to have generated an interest in books, and more importantly, having generated that interest in the younger population of the world.
But, for the time being, I return to Muggle-world, and must return to the Ministry of Magi--no, the CNBC office to work my 'charm'.


mini said...

~laughs~... i just can't help laughing... u and work!!!!

btw, u forgot to mention my sms;) (which must have also interrupted ur so called 'work')

Rose said...


Ur work habits are very similar to mine.. :)

I looooooooove Harry Potter.. ok ok.. dnt give me that YOU-shud-have-acted-in-"Koi Mil Gaya" look...

But i strongly feel that this is the only piece of art that truly epitomises 'imagination'.. just the fact that it transforms u into a magical world and rekindles the child in you makes it a class apart...



Raam Pyari said...

arre shekhar!!!!
who said wat against HP??????

*maxxxx gusse waala luk*

i gather when 2 HP fans meet , they shud very solemly shake hands.

*extends her hand*
*very serious type luk*

trash_u said...

n remember never use apparations in work in a muggle world... you know they get suspicious.. :)

i wish sometimes i cud see that starlit roof of hogwart central hall.. (plz no dandruff..!)

or have an owl,.. ( yaar phone bill ka tension hi khatam..)

hmm.....dnt knw if a broomsticks wud b alloed in campus.. ;-(

waise i was thinkn of a plot HP n summer training.. i mean even he has to have a live prroject to b done...

Shekhar said...

mini: Of course, how could one forget the consistent beep-beep of my cell phone. :)

rose: Don't even remind me of work habits right now. Abhi abhi boss ka mail aaya hai. A summary of the 3 page e-mail.."Beta, kaam pe lag jao."

raam pyari: Before saying anything else...

*shakes raam pyari's extended hand*

Don't worry about the 'friend' of mine who said those words..dost ke bhes mein Snape nikla !!

*very solemn luk*

Let him meet me next, I'll be ready with the shout of 'Stupefy'

*another very solemn look*

trash_u: arre yaar, I only wish I could use the Floo Network, kabhi ghar..kabhi Nirma. :)

Bruce Almighty said...

Sahi hai bhai,,, life is meant to be enjoyed... its great that ur doing that bigtime

Shekhar said...

rohan: Absolutely bhai..apna motto --> Jiyo Bindaas!!

lekshmi said...

thanks for dropping by my blog...
harry potter..ahhh..been taking up most of my time..not sure what it is about thise books that make you want ot go back to them again and again. i've become obsessed with the darn series!!but everything said and done, rowling a great write, can't even fit her books into a category, not children's books anyway, with the number of adult fan following she has.

Anonymous said...

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