Monday, April 17, 2006

Great Quotes

Teachers will remain teachers...and from time to time, they'll prove to us that they are human after all. Making fun of what teachers/professors/faculty members say is nothing new. But just to prove the point that it is all very well deserved, I am quoting a few examples here.
These were a few fabulous quotes made by some of the faculty members at the Nirma Institute of Management. All of these statements were made with a serious intent and was meant to be some of the pearls of wisdom that we received. Unfortunately for them, we realized the obvious. A friend observed that a collection of such quotes would bring a smile everytime we recalled them, and so he started a thread at Nirma community on Orkut. These are just excerpts...
1. It is human for human beings to make errors.
2. Cost of goods sold is cost of goods sold.
3. The outcome is coming out. (This statement was made when a set of input data had been typed in and the class was seeing the output being displayed on the projector)
4. Are you boring? (The intention was to ask the student, in an angry tone, whether he was getting bored)
5. One year will be known to you after one years. (The faculty was trying to impress on us the value of one year's time in a student's life)
6. Most probably, we need to discuss and think with conscious or subconscious mind of ours. (I'm still confused on this one...)
7. Give me an example from recent example.
8. Contact your seniors who passed away 5 years ago... (Obviously, he later apologised, and corrected himself by saying he meant 'passed out 5 years ago')
*Sigh* Teachers will be teachers...and students will remain students....


Sayesha said...


//Contact your seniors who passed away 5 years ago...


Bruce Almighty said...

Nice one...

Once i remember my teacher in school wanted to punis me and he said


Raam Pyari said...


gudddd one mann!!!
missing NIRMA,?:)

mini said...

oye! u shudn't have posted it... just when i was marketing ur blog ..among our juniors...they will get scared;)

Shekhar said...

sayesha: You should've seen the prof's face after we pointed out his mistake. He grinned and apologised and took it in the correct spirit.. :D

rohan: Ha ha..that had me laughing even a few hours later when I recalled that quote. Reminds me of one which is supposed to be (in)famous: Open the window, let the climate come in. *grins*

raam pyari: Missing NIRMA? Hmm...yes, a bit. But missing my friends even more, to be precise.

mini: Oye..I too thought of that, but then, I guess, we should warn them of what they're walking into... :D

Rose said...


remembered a couple of them from school...

"Open the window.. let the atmosphere come in"

"a girl married a MEN"


Anonymous said...

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