Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Back home

Do not even ask me how and why I made the transition from “not blogging” to “ok fine, I’m blogging again”. There was just something within me which went ‘click’ and which said “Stop blogging, it’s not helping you”. Again, last night, something inside me just went “click” and said “Hmm..start blogging again, it will help you.” With all this ‘click’-ing happening inside me, I almost feel like an Anchor switch! How mischievous the human mind is! In fact, I almost contemplated starting an anonymous blog, but then I dropped the idea.

Finally though, I’m back home. I must admit that the first few days back in Calcutta didn’t feel like I was back home. I mean, where was the peaceful sigh that I was waiting for all along? Where was the peace of mind and peace of heart, which told me ‘Ok, you’re on a B-R-E-A-K..Chillax dude!!”

But yes, opening up to a certain extent in front of ‘her’ yesterday made me feel much better. I just let go and told her most of the problems/frustrations that had become a part of my life. And of course, I did the best thing today by going ahead and telling her of the reasons and places where I’d gotten upset with her during the last few months. Thank God I was finally honest and told her what I actually feel when she calls up at times when I’m busy with work. Of course, I must thank Providence…and ‘her’ too…for giving me the opportunity to vent my outburst. It was she who pointed out to me that I’d been rude to her a couple of times over the last few months when she’d called up. And then, I just told her what I felt. Unfortunately, I was cut short when Dad called up and reminded me that Mom’s dinner + neighbouring ghar ki aunty ka dosa were eagerly waiting for me back home. And the fact that she and I will be meeting tomorrow in the company of friends when we go for a movie really doesn’t help matters. I hope we can have a good complete conversation soon.

Ha ha. Surprisingly, she hasn’t yet made a comment about my long hair. No no, do not get me wrong. I don’t have a hairstyle which would remind you of Shabana Azmi in ‘Makdee’. Just that my hair is slightly long-er than what is normal for your run-of-the-mill dressed-in-formals, slick-gel-applied-hair and pin-striped-suit clad MBA.

My hair has been a constant source of consternation for people around me. The curls in my hair at unbelievable locations have always been a source of ‘head’ ache for the barbers. I still remember the confused look on Salim bhai’s face when he would have a scissor in one hand and a comb in another. He would turn towards my hair and would suddenly have the same look on his face that I used to have in school when my biology teacher asked me to draw an arthropod on the blackboard. Well, as for the current situation, I plan to just go in the next 3 days to a decent hair salon and ask the hair stylist to do what he feels best, given my intentions of keeping long hair.

I was just packing my bags for Mumbai a few minutes ago. It felt awkward. Never before in my life have I been packing my bag for another place barely 3 days after coming back home. But, I guess, I’d better get used to such a life. Ha!! Here comes the globetrotter…

One thing that the one year of Nirma hasn’t changed is my attitude towards the saas-bahu serials. I’m sure there must be some website dedicated to anti-‘saas-bahu’ soaps. I still get a headache when I so much as just listen to the dialogues that some of these serials spew out. God!! What nonsense. “…main uska dard samajh sakti hoon, kyun ki main bhi ek aurat hoon”, and “…maine tumhaare liye bahut balidaan diye hain, lekin main apni beti ki zindagi ko tabaah nahin hone doonga”. Yes, don’t stare in amazement; the second quote was made by the male protagonist, not the female lead.

There is one difference in me, however. Earlier, when I used to settle down for dinner and Mom used to switch the channels to one where such a soap was being aired, I used to walk away and have the dinner in my room. Now, I patiently continue to have the dinner on the dining table itself. To hell with the headache yaar, ek saal ke baad ghar pe hain, this is the least I can do for my parents i.e. give them the satisfaction that I’m ‘properly’ having a dinner in front of them.

Yaar, I just love my parents so much…even if I can hear Mom complaining right now to Dad in the other room how I refused to pack 2 shirts that she selected from my old pile of clothes. *Smiles*


Raam Pyari said...

wah!wah! nice to have you bakk....
anyways ..regarding your converstaion with 'her'...i must say one thing.I am one of those people who cannot say what whats actually bugging them .I simply cant..it takes hours of coaxing to get something out of me..but yaar...sabse sahi yehi hota hai ki clear converstaion ho jaye...cuz you knw most of the times if things are nt really very very very okay..toh donoh ke behavior mein prob hoti hai...I hope sab kutch clear ho jayega between u nd ur frnd...
ATB fr that..and yess, plz ahve a converstaion with her..achche se!

and you have long hair???
wah! wah!

shweta said...

coolllllllll......finally i can see u here.....yupiie...good u chose to blog again .."all smiles".....njoy ..
inbtwn thnks for the b'day msg ....nd yupiiie ...njoy aamar kolkata ...man i miss it hell lotz ...lucky guy u cld atleast go thr ....nd inbtwn chillax..even i bug my bf like tht calling him 10,000 of time ...but i really njoy to listen him frustrated....mane ...as in i get an xtra advantage to pull his leg later when he is calm ..nd we both can merrily laugh on it ...newayz njoy ur trainning in mumbai ...its a masto city ...hectic ..but more like cal...

amit said...

sahi hai... ghar par aish mmar .... kismet walon ko hi ghar par jaane ka mauka milta hai :(

coffee said...


Shekhar said...

MoonWalker: Guess what, I had a GREAT conversation with her, and must say, most things have cleared out now.

And waat lag gayi yaar...had a Rs. 280 haircut yesterday and me left with medium length hair. Boo hoo. :(

Anna: Hi. Thanks. :) It feels nice to be blogging again. Haye kaise maine guzaare woh 10 din. (Almost sounds like the title of an art movie..."Woh das din")

amit: Arre bhai, thank u so much for the wishes, par niraash kyun hote ho...tussi bhi gar jaoge. Btw, summers?

coffee: :)

Hitler's soul said...

Hostel se ghar transition problems to main bhee face kar raha hu bhai.mere kapde itne gande the ki ma ne extra kaamwali rakh lee with the targetted role of washing my clothes alone.and wo bhee strike ke verge pe hain.

mini said...

~smiles~... revenge over;).. i wanna c ur new haircut.. 280 bucks!!! .. i just can't believe it..get another one..when u come back after 2 months ~evil grin~

trash_u said...

that means 10 cassata..!!
14+ devil's delight..
oyee kis hair designer ki dukan mein challa gaya tha..!!

man..!! ppl are getting frivolous..
ek photo jaroor le lena bhai..
pata nahin kaise hair style rakhi hai..

good that you finalllllyyy got a much awaited home bashing..;-)

Shekhar said...

Hitler's soul: I ran away from home before my kaamwali bai could get an opportunity to complain, but I certainly got an ugly look the day I landed home and she had a heap of clothes to wash that I'd managed to accumulate over the last one year.

mini: *sigh* Those were the most beautiful 280 bucks I spent..

trash_u: yaad mat dila bhai... all those devil's delight's that i could've relished.

I don't know if I will ever step into a Habib's Hair Salon again.

arpz said...

u probably dont know why, but u just made me cry

Anonymous said...

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