Saturday, April 22, 2006

Jab main chhota baccha tha

I bet 3 out of 4 of you who read the title will go "...bahut shararat karta tha".
The lines are from a very popular ad-jingle from my younger days (I put in 'younger days' since I believe my 'childhood' is far from over *evil grin*).
Here is that complete jingle for Bajaj bulbs..
"Jab main chhota baccha tha
Bahut shararat karta tha
Meri chori pakdi jaati...
Kyun ki roshni deta Bajaj.
Ab main bilkul buddha hoon
Goli khake jeeta hoon
Phir bhi chori pakdi jaati...
Kyun ki roshni deta Bajaj."
Now the reason why this ad rings in my memory more than any other is because I got into trouble because of this particular ad. No, not recently, but you know how kids are kids..and how they imitate anything that they see.
Now, it so happens that even at that age I was crazy about reading books, and my Mum and Dad would obviously tell me to stick to my study books during the day rather than novels/fiction books. So, while I was trying to think of novel ways (puns intended) to increase my reading hours..Bingo!! I saw the ad.
In the ad, the kid tried to read a comic under the blanket with the help of a torch when his room lights had been switched off by his parents, who very conveniently thought that the kid had gone off to sleep. Of course, the conspirator was caught and the camera was quick to point out that the bulb that had been switched on in the room was a Bajaj bulb.
The chota idiot that I was, I thought I could do better than the kid in the ad, and so I sneaked an Eveready torch and a 'Bobbsey Twins' adventure book (I'd borrowed it from the school library) into my room at night. Of course I got caught within ten minutes of the premiere show of 'The Adventures of Bobbsey Twins'. I don't remember getting any punishment for my foolishness, but I certainly do recall that I never ever again got the opportunity to be a badmaash and read books under the blanket again.
P.S. On a more positive note, the second part of the ad, where the old fellow tries to steal food from the refrigerator, only to be caught red-handed/pastry-tongued by his wife, was a GREAT learning experience. To this day, there has been no, and I repeat, NO occassion when I have been caught while helping myself to chocolates/pastry/Coke in the dead of the night. Touch wood. :)


Raam Pyari said...

'bobsey twins'
famous five
adventurous four,
malory towers,
st. clares,
five find outers and dog,
secret seven,

these are nt just mere bachpan ke hazaroon ghante...


Bruce Almighty said...

bhai hamara sara pocket money aur dosto se liya udhar chacha chaudhari, billooo, pinki ki comics aur vediogame pe nikal gaya hai...

so dont feel lonely in the chori-chupke-comics-reading club...

coffee said...

you dont get caught now... coz you dont have a wife yet... wait till you have one and you will know!

shweta said...

this is like a chotta bacha blog ...hai na ..not typical u ..i guess ..chalo ...we all fall into reverie ...dnt worry .........nd yupoieeeeee...xams finished finally ...i am a free bird now ....nd will be soon writting blogs .....

Rose said...

Hey... gr8 post...

May u have many more instances of stealing-food-from-the-refrigerator and other sharaarats without getting caught in ur still still-prologing childhood days ahead.. ;)

Wud luv to read more abt ur 'younger' days..


Shekhar said...

raam pyari: Absolutely. These were the "good ol' days" before I got hooked onto The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew (ok,ok..I read a couple) and later Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer and John Grisham. Obviously, the mature (ahem) PGW came later.

rohan: Ha ha. Of course, how could I forgot Chacha Chaudhari and Sabu ('The Vengeance of Raaka') or Tinkle comics for that matter. Till the time I could afford to buy Tintin comics for myself, Tinkle comics with Suppandi, Kaalia the crow and Tantri the Mantri were mere summer vacation ke dost.

coffee: I'll have to be careful after marriage now !! Not fair.

anna: Bachao...bachao...Anna ke exams khatam !! :D Good that the difficult times are behind you, now sit back and enjoy!!

rose: Gee..*wide grin* thanks. I'm just waiting and looking for an opportunity to create more 'trouble' and then report back to this blog.

Anonymous said...

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