Saturday, September 30, 2006

Udan Choo

I've just returned from a birthday 'bash', where obviously, the person who got 'bashed' was none other than the birthday boy himself. And since the birthday boy happened to be 'the sardar', or, "Surdy" as he is popularly known (and also as he calls himself on Orkut), the countdown to his birthday bumps began from 12 instead of the usual 10. :D

There were quite a few people who had congregated on the 3rd floor of the Nirma Boys Hostel for the celebrations. True enough, the "bashing" had its required impact and Surdy got his due:

Kaun maar sakta hai mujhe ??

As far as I'm concerned, I'm listening to 'Tu hi meri shab hai' from Gangster after what seems like ages. And know what, the song sounds absolutely AWESOME !! Can listen to it again and again...and again.....

Today was also the first day of the HR Conclave at the Institute. And yes, I had to finally compere the proceedings for a session. Ever since last year, people in the college were telling me that I must compere the proceedings for events since they tell me I have a nice voice (ahem!! a bit of self-praise, although subtly put, never hurt anyone, did it? ;) ). And so, for the third time this year, after doing the 'Awaaz-e-Hind' voiceover for the junior batch's Talent Nite and the compering for the inaugural session of MANLIBNET, I was once again on stage. It was a nice experience, what with all the on-stage changes that we had to make, first since there was a last minute change in the professor who would chair the session, and then when the distinguished speaker unexpectedly came over to the dias when he was supposed to sweetly await the good looking girl who would offer him a bouquet of flowers. Hmm...must say, our managerial effectiveness was put to a good test backstage.

And for those who're wondering why the title of this post is what it's the deal. I'm off to Dhari, my native village, tomorrow evening. I'll be taking a bus tomorrow night at 11 and shall reach Dhari by 5 the next morning. Mom and Dad had been asking me to go for quite some time now, and it was only proper for me to visit the place I worship so much. Obviously, Mom and Dad, back in Calcutta, have no idea of the kind of time-management skills and games that we must play here at a B-school, which explains why they were slightly disappointed last weekend when I couldn't find the time to plan the trip. I've spoken to them this evening, and they sound pleased about the trip tomorrow evening.

It is surprising how sometimes things work out for the best by themselves, even when we as individuals are not actively involved in giving shape to such plans. I somehow couldn't find the time during the week-long PPV break to go to Dhari, and then, when it seemed I would only be able to go there after I came back from my proposed trip to Cal in October, the opportunity to go this weekend itself neatly landed in my lap.

Let me also add why I 'worship' the place called Dhari. Dhari is not only my native village, but is also the place where my forefathers have built a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. There's an interesting tale behind why my grand-Uncle built the temple, but that shall be the subject matter for another post. For now, let me just say that it involves a number of dreams in which Lord Shiva 'visited' my grand-Uncle and instructed him to "unearth" him.

It is nice to know that I'll be once again going back to my roots, and not only the roots of a certain family but also, in a way, the roots of India. Dhari is a village with a radius of (I think) 1-1.5 kms. Electricity and constant water-supply can still be called visitors to this dusty village and I didn't get any network coverage on my Reliance mobile phone the last time I was there (which is the reason why I'm leaving my cell-phone behind. Ahh !! Nirvana). Of course, one can forget about Internet connections and cyber cafes. Cable television is a recent addition to the village, but still subscribed to by the well-to-do families. Perfect backdrop for cricket matches...occupants of neighbouring houses still gather in the silk-trader's house to watch Sachin bat, while the housewives prepare hot Gujarati delicacies like 'gaathiya' and 'chevdo' and pass it around.

(Clink) To a 'Swades' like return to my soil...


arpz said...

waaahhh , Gujrath ! :( i miss that place :( .. and mujhe chevdo chahiye :( dhokle bhi :(

Shekhar said...

arpz: How much does the next flight from Bangalore to Ahmedabad cost? ;)

arpz said...

@shekhar ,
paison ki baat hoti to hum khazaane luta dete ,
sirf apni baat hoti to hum
khuda ko bhi bula lete !
afsoos na paison ki baat hain , na apni
ab ye zindagi jinki amaanat hain , baat ab hain unki

ani said...

nice??!!! nice nahi duffer!!! super sexy amazing voice!!!!!!

Shekhar said...

arpz: Arre bhai...aap to senti ho gaye...

ani: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... (thoughtful silence)