Friday, September 01, 2006

Trapped !! I'd run the regular 2 kms yesterday evening and YET, wasn't really sleepy at around 2 in the morning today. So, I conveniently chucked any more thoughts of sleep and got around to doing something that I've been longing to do for a long time now - meditation.

However, my meditation isn't the sort where I would just think about one subject, or where I focus all my energies on a particular picture or thought. Of course, there are times when I've focussed on a religious idol or picture for hours, but then there are times when you just want to let your mind wander around freely, almost like a young colt who's been allowed to run at full gallop in the meadows of thougts, recollections and introspection.

One such thought which came to me yesterday was that I guess people at times are too harsh with themselves, leave alone others. The reason why I say this is because sometimes, I just don't hear people praising themselves in a humble manner. I add 'in a humble manner' because it is not the false, self-fulfilling sense in which I meant the word praise. When I say 'praise yourself', it stands for something as simple as telling yourself that although you might have had to take a difficult decision (like I recently did), you feel completely honest taking that decision and standing by what you said or did. Its a simple, yet extremely powerful feeling to know that you've done what is morally and pragmatically correct. There will always be people telling you that perhaps you did the wrong thing (fortunately, I haven't had to be an audience to that argument) and then there will be people who will say that 'perhaps it is the right thing to happen'. However, what matters most is when you, in moments of solitude and divine silence, tell yourself 'I've done the right thing.'

Having thus lifted myself from a few confusing thoughts and emotions, I drifted off to sleep at around half past 3, only to wake up at 8:15. Well, it was a beautiful morning, and I couldn't resist off I went for a 2 km jog again !! :)) [Come to think of it, I'd let the mind do all the running around barely 4 1/2 hours ago !!]

That, however, was the end of navigations outside the hostel building for the day. Have been trapped in my room all day long. Had no lectures today...aur yeh besharam IPM peeche padi hai. So, dedicated most of the day to a chapter understanding Bond markets...uffff !! Ultimately got bugged, and have now switched over to Consumer Behavior.

And yes, when I say end of navigations beyond the boundaries of the hostel building, I also mean that I didn't venture out for lunch. Just stepped down to Chotu's on the first floor to treat myself to a puff, a packet of chips and a bottle of cold coffee. And the room-mate returned just in time to put the 'icing on the cake' by bringing back a chocolate pastry that he got from Upper Crust. Ahh !! Nirvana !!!!

Before I sign off, here's a hillarious post that a friend wrote. Unfortunately, the author of the blog, Moti [:P], caused an earthquake (by her own admission) when she fell from the stairs of the institute building yesterday and has gotten her leg wrapped in a crepe bandage. What a pity !!! The folks at the girls' hostel will have to skip this golden opportunity to give Moti Birthday Bumps tonight !!! :)))))))))

Happy B'day Aneesha !!


ani said...

have i ever told u i luv u??!!


u jus gave me my best bday gift!!

btw, the girls did manage to lift me for bday bumps... buttt... in about 8-9 thy all gave up and caught the 2nd loightest darling (cudnt let mini get bumps!!!!!) around... ruchi!! :-D

the rest is for me to know n u to find out!!!!

tumhaari moteeeee!!!!!!!!

Shekhar said...

moti: Love you moteeee....(dosti wala ;) )