Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hairy Instinct

The Haircut

Like I've already told to whoever's been interested enough to patiently hear me out, I've received everything from condolence messages to leaps of joy congratulating me at my haircut. Just for the record, I called up Dad on my way to the barber's and the following is an excerpt:

Dad: Hello ?

Me: Dad, how many months has it been since I came home?

Dad: Umm..six months, son...why ?

Me: 'Coz I'm feeling real sad..

Dad: Why ? Missing us, eh ??

I wouldn't be too off the mark when I conjecture that at this point the paternal instinct must have risen to an all time high in the senior Ruparelia's chest and must have filled his heart with high emotions towards his son...

Me:, I'm on my way to the barber's and the last time I had a haircut was when I was in that means that I'm having a haircut after 6 months, and that's why I'm sad...

I wouldn't be too off the mark here either to conjecture that emotions of a rather different sort must have filled the senior Ruparelia's chest

[PLEASE NOTE: The remainder of this telephonic interview is not recorded here for security purposes of the undersigned.]

A Personality Course...(Ha Ha !!) the 5th term has officially started and I'm back to my criticising ways about the goings-on in a b-school. (I almost sound like a perennial nay-sayer to the b-school system....but BOY is this fun !! :D )

Now, one of the courses that the students can opt for here is called Personality Development and Business Etiquette. I really do not have much clue as to which books these warriors of good personality are about to subscribe to, but a few of the 'rules' of these classes are:

1. Hair must be in 'proper' (not my personal definition) shape

2. Student must be in formal attire during the lecture

3. Nails must be cut

4. Shoes must be polished; and

5. (This is the latest fad as per tonight's behaviour in the mess) Stuff like 'Good morning/evening', 'Thank you' and 'Please' must be mentioned

Before I fall off my chair, let me pause for a bit and add that in my 'personal' opinion, the faculty who is conducting the course is one of the BEST faculty members in this institute. I do not say this since I must be 'diplomatically correct'; I've been saying this and respecting her the most since she took one of the first classes after we'd joined Nirma.

However, what I do not agree with is the whole idea that Personality can be 'taught' in a classroom environment...but then, what the hell, neither can business. And one more thought, I doubt whether M/s. Vijay Mallya and Co. would EVER pass this particular course. ;)


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Shekhar said...

mini: My hairrrrrrrr (boo hoooo)

arpz: My hairrrrrrrr (boo hoooo)...I've had to very reluctantly give away all aspirations of the serious thoughts to Robin Williams' intro look in Jumanji. :(

arpz said...

eeeekks ! thats sad news , i was lookin fwd to see dat way

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arpz: :((