Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The break

All right, so the Pre-Placement Visit (PPV) time is here and most of the folks have gone back home. That leaves only a handful of guys back at the hostel. There are only 4 guys from the senior batch here, so things are kinda lonely and quiet. But, nobody's complaining because all the four are as mad as they come.

Anyway, Monday was the opening day of the VIIIth MANLIBNET (Management Librarian's Network) convention, which was hosted by our institute. And since Anil Sir, our librarian, was the organiser, he had asked me to be around and make myself useful. So, make myself useful I did. I was the compere for the inaugural session and also made a 20 minute presentation that evening on 'Blogging for Librarians'. :D

My recommendation was that each library under the MANLIBNET should start an official blog of their own where a personal touch and contact could be established with the end user. My understanding of the libraries prompted me to believe that there are 4 essential categories of 'customers' to a management library: a) Students of the Institute, b) Faculty, c) Alumni & d) Industry

To cut a long story short, the whole idea was to provide librarians with another 'touch-point' where they could easily communicate new happenings and efforts of the library to the end-user. In fact, my personal belief is that a blog by librarians could become a force in changing the way new books and events are added to a library's repertoire. Makes more sense than blindly subscribing to really expensive databases of research journals.

I was dog-tired by the end of the day and since I'd had very little sleep (1 1/2 hours, to be precise) the previous night, I slept like a log from 10 pm on Monday night to 1 o' clock the following afternoon. Went straight for lunch and came back to play some Age of Empires and Max Payne on the comp. :))

We were disappointed at the dinner yesterday when we saw that there was 'khichdi' on the menu. Now, khichdi back at home is another affair; it is wonderful to have with lots of dahi and achaar, but at a hostel where the khichdi has been prepared for 100 odd people, you'd better know what to expect. So, Kota and I straight went to Paratha Point on Judges' Bungalow Road and treated ourselves to some yum aloo parathas and lassi. (I could almost feel my tummy smiling.) We got paneer parathas back for Tushar, which the pig gulped down with generous helpings of butter that he'd asked us to bring too.

I'm kinda feeling terrible for two things right now. A) My room is in a MESS to say the least. It looks like I've gone back to the glory days of the caveman, where every aspect of the shelter represented the barbaric and mindless tossing of stuff here and there. B) I haven't done a bit of studies since Saturday, and that ain't too good for my conscience. Hmm.. I guess I'd better get working now. C ya folks.


coffee said...

parathaa! that reminds me that there is a new place opened in cal called ONLY PARATHAS!

Shekhar said...

coffee: :)

Basanti said...

oye..basanti ke bina aloo de parathe chat kar gaye..gande hoo hoo..neways,take care..miss u guys n hey whats this studiy business??????????????

Shekhar said...

basanti: :D Missing you too yaar, and don't worry about my studying would know better than that.. ;)