Sunday, July 30, 2006


Ok, here's the truth.

The exams finished on Monday. And since yesterday, I've already deleted two posts that I'd begun writing. So, all those of you who've been baying for my blood...hold, baba, hold !!

As I speak, I presume it must be raining outside. And this presumption is on the basis of the continuous rain throughout the day that Ahmedabad has been witness to in the last 24 hours. The weather conditions remain so sexy that it would tempt anyone (leave alone the bechara accha baccha that I am) into bunking classes and lying in bed daydreaming of Angelina Jolie / Sushmita Sen / Sameera Reddy.

***** break in writing *****

It is now quarter past 6 and about time I slept. I have two lectures to attend around noon and I must prepare a presentation before that. Not that it is mandatory, but I would like to anyway. I want to make that effort not because of an extra grade (I think the grades have already been awarded, so the presentation won' t really matter), but because I think a PPT presentation will be able to emphasise clearly the points that I'd endeavored to highlight in my written submission.

I'd thought I'd blog about this later, but I think the moment is perfect.

I feel that labels work beautifully. Try it. Just start labelling someone as a 'great worker' or someone who 'thinks innovatively'. Chances are that he / she would indeed start displaying similar qualities. That brings 2 questions to my mind. Were these folks actually good in the particular activity prior to the 'praise'? And if yes, weren't those around him / her pretty foolish not to recognise this talent?

I do not know the answers and I don't claim to be able to find out anytime soon.

But here's a case-in-point.

I seem to be unconsciously telling myself from time to time that I'm different. Like I said, it is not a conscious decision. The idea just pops up in my head when I suddenly view the different manner in which I approach a problem / situation and the routine manner in which the others think about it.

Everything about me seems to be unique.

My dreams, my aspirations...all seem to be bordering on megalomania. However, that is fodder for another post. :)

As for as my being different is concerned, it isn't that I choose to be different. No! Absolutely not. I am just.....ME. And it is perhaps because of these discernible differences that I call myself a maverick.


(I like the way that sounds. Maverick.)

And look how a 8 letter word repeated enough number of times in the sub-conscious mind can change a person.

Exhibit 1 --> Possibly also the most hotly debated and argued topic currently among my immediate circle of friends: the length of my hair. Now now...before you start rolling your eyes again, I ain't no 70's rock star with shoulder-length hair, but...aaaargh...can't express it in words. So, let me take the help of a friend who recently scrapped me on's a close-up of my orkut profile pic:
And here's what a friend wrote: "aapke [avatar ke] hair bhi aapse kaafi match kar rahe hain - only beard ki kami hai ." Oh ! I forgot to add, I also sport what is a weak attempt at a french beard. Anyway, the point is that I look more like a struggling painter rather than a fellow suited and booted for the corporate world and about to join the 'rat race' in a couple of months from now. And what's more, I'm loving it.

Now the problem is that there's a certain percentage of the female population here in the girl's hostel (and a certain someone back in Calcutta too) who would love to see me return to my shareef baccha wala look. *angry look* How rude !! Especially when a guy has taken so much pains. *grin*

Exhibit 2 --> I play basketball / football / any other the hostel 4 in the morning. This usually happens after the Titans of the world of CounterStrike [CS] and Age of Empires [AoE] are done with their share of conquests and guns and blood-shed. None of that for me (AOE is too complex for a simpleton like me). I prefer the simple and healthy competition at 'scoring' a goal by guiding a football 'woh waali line ke paar'.

Exhibit 3 --> I'm equally crazy about John Denver and Jagjit Singh; as crazy about Bryan Adams as Buddhist Meditation sounds.

I could go on and on forever. But what I'm trying to drive at is the craziness that is involved in being me. And guess what....I don't regret it one little bit, baby !! :D


Shekhar said...

I guess this is a first achieved by any blogger...being the first to comment on their own post. :D

Just wanted to ask someone to confirm whether they can view the avatar pic that I put up. I'm unable to view it for some odd reason.

Hitler's soul said...

Haan painter babu , dikh rahee hain munna ki tasveer :)

Shekhar said...

hitler bhaiyya: Arre prabhuji, shat shat pranaam. :D :D :D

mini said...

i can c the pic alright... but do sth abt ur hair!!!!!!!!!!!

Raam Pyari said...

arre nahi shekhar lemme lend some support..
I love the avtaar and I think long hair rocks!!!

If I were a guy[which, lemme make crystal kilear, I am NOT]I would have never kept short, cropped hair!

long hair rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sushant said...

arre wah... aap to sahi mein unique hain....johndenver n jagjit singh.....jagjit singh mera bhi favorite hai.....kewl post

Shekhar said...

mini: Ha ha...nothin' doin'.

raam pyari: Yeah Baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

sushant: Thanks :D