Saturday, July 08, 2006

Project Report Hangover

Apologies for a late post. It was inevitable. What with the Summer Project Report which had to be prepared, printed, and presented...all in a matter of 72 hours, the delay was inevitable.

But wasn't that on Monday ? Who you think you're kidding, huh, smart guy?

Err...agreed. Lekin, mai-baap (no special Nirma puns here), I've also been through a tremendously busy week. And the class schedules have really gone haywire in the second year. Here's what. Firstly, most of my elective classes aren't scheduled for the usual 9:30 AM, as it was in the first year. So, the main incentive (rather, the ONLY incentive) to get up early and dash off to the college goes 'poof'. Due to this, I sleep really late at night trying to access websites which, if the 'Naari Jagran Manch' were to get hold of, would cause a en-bloc heart attack to the members of the respected manch. (Nah!! Just kidding...I'm an innocent boy...All I look for on are TV ads..I swear!)

Now, these late bouts of sleep ensure that my room-mate has a field-day waking me up the next afternoon (ladies & gentlemen, special attention on the use of the word 'afternoon' instead of 'morning'...ahem). All kudos to him for ensuring that I haven't missed more than the stipulated number of classes that I can miss in any particular subject. Further, let me also notify the public that all the classes that I've missed till now are result of what I call the 'what-the-hell-I-can-bunk-this-lecture-let-me-sleep-now' syndrome.

So, as this week comes to an end..I'm left wondering here what the hell have I done this week? Well, nothing much. Then what in the world am I so excited about?

You guessed it...the Book Club.

SUMANTRA has officially started off the second year of its operations. And this time, things look extremely promising. Provided we're able to maintain the kind of perseverance I was able to display last year, the Book Club should be rocking by the time I leave Nirma. Of course, the perseverance I showed was much due to the guidance of the faculty and one particular senior student. I hope I'm able to guide, motivate and lead a young team just as well.

And looking at the number of junior co-ordinators that we plan on getting, we're betting that quite a few activities get going. Of course, the weekly book reviews will form the pillar of our activities. But tomorrow itself we're adding a Video Lecture Series to our repertoire. Under this program, we plan to show recorded videos of classes conducted at the Harvard and Stanford Business schools. This should provide good exposure to the students, and also (hopefully) make the lives of our professors a little tougher. *devilish grin*

We're also thinking of inviting authors and management gurus to the campus to speak to the students about their books. That will obviously require great management skills, but should also be a load of fun.

All in all, things look promising.

And while I head back to my bed (it is 4:09 AM), I leave you with a video that I'd prepared to welcome the junior batch, but which I couldn't show to them because I was in Delhi for the weekend when they had the Fresher's party. Anyway, I hope at least a few juniors do view this.


Sayesha said...

Nice work, Shekhar! :)

And oh, GOLDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

hey shekhu,

definitely the video u put up here was much more interesting than the on we saw on the fresher's day. wish thi swas there.

and dude, i'm not in the habit of reading blogs, but yes urs is quite an njoible one :)

keep up the good show.

As for the strategy class views presented earliar, i too think ur idea wud be more intersting. performance in the role play could definitely motivate the students to understand things better. it wud be a mix of many things.


mini said...

well.. missed classes?.. ~grins~.. ask me!.. i am way ahead of you;)

btw, ur name has become synonymous with book club.. great work buddy...

i just love this video:))).. too gud, shark

shweta said...

wow i absolutely njoyed watching it ....damn cool man .watching the inside nirma ...nd watching all the things whcih usuallly happen in a college...
damn cool buddy ..
nd u came to delhi ...nd u didnt even make the head lines ..kidding ....
it ws fun watching ...!!!
keep the nice wrk on ...

Shekhar said...

sayesha: *clap clap clap !!


Tussi Gold winner ho..

And yes, thanks. :D

songbird: Hey, thanks. :)) Yeah, I too wish I was here, or had at least given it to Nikhil.

mini: Gracias !!

shweta: Thanks. :) As for the Delhi thing, I guess Mannu (apna Manmohan Singh, yaar) wanted to keep my meeting with him a secret.

Himanshu Jain said...

A sophomore student of an MBA institute in a Boys hostel, 4 o'clock in the night, surfing YouTube for TV Ads!!! yeh baat kuch hajam nahi hui.

btw.. keep up the good work of book club

and yeah.. nice video
(I look so dumb in that photo :( )

Shekhar said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shekhar said...

himanshu: Everyone I've asked who's seen the photo tells me that one look at me in the photo and they think I'm sitting next to a genius (a geek nonetheless :P)

So chillax !! :)

arpz said...

seriously , im going green with envy

Shekhar said...

arpz: :D Envy ?? Aur aap ?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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