Sunday, July 09, 2006


The titans go head to head. Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal.

Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


May the best man win....(but I'm still rooting for Federer). ;)

Don't have the time, or else, would've recounted the kind of ding-dong exchanges that happen here when someone openly comes out in support of Nadal.

By the way, here goes...

But I said was a Federer fan, right ?

Well, the truth is, to imagine the amount of damage that Nadal can cause, you need to see a picture to understand the brute force that he brings to Centre Court...for Federer, one needs to view a video to understand the cold and ruthless manner in which he demolishes the opponent.

But, for an unbiased opinion, read this.


rama said...


Came upon your blog. Nice read.

You might like to visit this blog out of Calcutta:



Sayesha said...

Ab khush? :)

Rose said...

Count me in for cheering for Federer !!!



narcissus said...

All this hatred of Nadal reminds me of Agassi when he first came to play at Wimbledon. He was brash, flash and wore daft clothes and everybody wanted him to lose.
When Nadal's hair falls out and he doesn't seem so enviably young and exuberant, we'll all be big fans.
What an irony!

Shekhar said...

rama: Hey rama, thanks for stopping by my blog. I've checked out your blog too and you're doing a great job man. Cheers.

sayesha ji: :))))) Checked out a few moments of the final on Google Videos. 6-0, Sayesha, 6-0 !! Just imagine. Federer treats the Wimbledon Centre Court as if he were ambling around his drawing room.

rose: YEAH !!!! Another Federer fan. :))) [P.S. You fine ? I hope the blasts haven't affected you in a serious manner? *worried*]

narcissus: Right said dude..Although what I feel for Nadal is definitely not "hatred". My thoughts about him border around pure astonishment. I mean, the guy is damn good.

If we leave aside the emotions of those who dislike him because of his "brash, flash and daft clothes", one has got to agree that a fellow must be playing awesome tennis to reach the finals of Wimbledon, especially when he was knocked out in the first round (I think) last year. Talk about talent.

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