Wednesday, August 02, 2006

TED talks

It just so happens that my roommate introduced me to Ted last night. Err...a guy introducing his room-mate to another guy ?? The 'Kanta-ben' effect ?

Certainly NOT !!!

No need for those eyebrows to go up now.. TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design. It is a 4 day conference held every year at Monterey, California where more than 1000 people from diverse backgrounds come together to exchange new, exciting and challenging ideas in their respective fields.

What is even more exciting (especially for folks like me who have a. broadband connection; b. loads of free time) are the various videos that you can either view or download from the TED website itself. Or else, you could simply search for the videos on Google Videos too. (Have thus far been unsuccessful in finding TED videos on YouTube)

Some of the interesting videos that I have seen are:

a. Sir Ken Robinson (author of Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative) speaks about innovation and creativity that we knew as kids but have been 'educated' out of.

b. Majora Carter (founder of Sustainable South Bronx, an organization dedicated to holistic community development) Boy, does she speak passionately! Superb video.

c. David Pogue (personal technology columnist for The New York Times) delivers a hillarious view of the technical world and absence of simplicity. Even if you're a non-tech guy, just watch it for David's fabulous (self-made?) renditions of short songs about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. He's brilliant.

Do try viewing the videos on the TED website itself; the streaming seems to be fast enough for you to enjoy a number of videos, including the ones I mentioned above.


shweta said...

hey i tried downloading ..ahem
nd well the disastrous time..
smething or the other was happening .. cousin walks down ..nd thinking the comp was switched off when only the monitor was.... switches the booting button on ..
2.then the gr8 electricity board thinks it best to go for a power cut ..while i am in the middle of a download sister uses the comp while the downloading ws gng on ...she accidentaly switches off all the windows including...ahem ....

now i am seriously thinking of not downloading ..
no pnt ..sme or the other person ..cmng nd dsirupting...
newayz ...did catch up wth bits nd pieces streaming in the window ...
nd really wanna catch up wth the full
but i am not trying atleast for a while...!!!

Shekhar said...

shweta Ha ha. Oye...koi nahi, hota hai. But do watch them whenever u think the Net Gods are happy...the videos are fun to watch.

Steve Dahlberg said...

Those interested in creativity, education and educational change might also be interested in this new book, "Education is Everybody's Business: A Wake-Up Call to Advocates of Educational Change" (Rowman & Littlefield Education). It's by educator Berenice Bleedorn ( ), who was the gifted consultant for the Minnesota State Department of Education, a professor of creativity in both the business and education schools at the University of St. Thomas, has taught creativity to inmates in the state prison, and writes and speaks about creativity throughout the world.

This book really makes the case for the deliberate teaching of thinking - creative and critical - in education. It also links the importance of education to a thriving democracy. A great idea in the book is that "democracy deserves the best thinking possible" - which offers a great place to begin one's thinking about any number of political issues in the world today. Some other good quotes from the book include:

* Children and youth are all much smarter than we think. They are smarter than the standardized test scores tell us. They have a longer tomorrow than adults, and most of them think about it more than we realize. Students have a right to understand what is happening to the world that they are inheriting.
* The hope is that educational programs will become better designed to make the best possible use of the natural power of the human mind to grow and develop and to be significantly active in service to a cause beyond oneself.
* There are no limits to the intellectual resource of the human mind when it is provided with an atmosphere for personal growth.
* The idea that `Creativity=Capital' is not a facetious one. The capacity of the human mind for creativity and innovation is unlimited. Harvesting the creativity in a business translates to money in the bank.
* Creative thinking can be taught if learners can practice the art of being serious and playful at the same time.
* The educational problem of a disparity between average achievement scores of white students and black students may have some of its origin in the nature of schooling that neglects programs that identify creative talent and fails to provide for its appropriate expression in problem solving and other creative thinking activities.
* Educators have not only an opportunity but an obligation to open the "doors of perception" for all students. The enduring purpose of education is to provide students with a perception of the outer reaches of their talents and possibilities and, ideally, to give them a reason to continue to learn and contribute to their society for all of their lives.
* The mandate is undeniable. The future of the environment can be guaranteed only with the determined effort of all the players in the world drama in every society, and there is no time to lose. It is a perfect project for the integration of schools and society, the community and the education profession. It is a time for personal action and resolve.
* Initiatives from concerned citizens and business interests have a vital place in developing educational outcomes that can be competitive with the rest of the developing world and can continue to contribute to a better life for all.
* Paradoxical thinking is a prerequisite for a society and world steeped in a diversity of cultures, religions and ideologies if we ever hope to achieve a more sane and peaceful world. If complex thinking were taught, practiced and modeled during the process of education everywhere, the people of the world would understand more and fight less.

Shekhar said...

steve dahlberg: Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog. I will surely look up whether this book is available in my library, and if not, will sure try to have it purchased.

Anonymous said...

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