Saturday, August 05, 2006


Nah! iThinks ain't the newest product offering from Steve Jobs (although, I must admit, I've been watching too much of him on YouTube. For those who're enthusiastic enough, go to YouTube and search for a guy called 'peestandingup' and check out his cool collection of Apple and Steve Jobs videos).

iThinks is my response to Sunshine's tag. Although she didn't tag me per se, but fellas like me who have just found out that:

a) It's a beautiful Saturday evening
b) I'm located 15 kms away from the city of Ahmedabad; and
c) The Bank Management class scheduled from 7 - 9:45 pm has been cancelled

would be willing to leap into any opportunity that helps keep the mind away from the devilishly childish pranks that one is used to pulling off with surprising regularity.

So, after forcing a poor batchmate into clicking a number of my pics on his awesome Canon camera and guzzling 2 cups of tea and the awesome tea-biscuits that have been recently made available at "Chotu's" (my lingo for the bloke who sells tea at the 1st floor of the boys hostel), I finally pick up the tag...

I am thinking- of how soon I'm gonna become the billionaire I always dream of becoming.

I said- "Even when I run, I don't run the 100-200 metres; I run the Marathon" when asked why I called myself a megalomaniac.

I want- an action-packed lifestyle.

I wish- to learn how to ride a bike and play the flute.

I miss
- chatting with Varun Mehta, a school friend.

I hear- the sky calling out to me each and every time I stand in the balcony.

I wonder- what's gonna happen after 6 months; a period I fear the most.

I regret- nothing !! 'Live with it and don't repeat the mistake' is my philosophy.

I am- an, but an introvert.

I dance- rarely.

I sing- "Kabhi kabhie mere dil mein..." often.

I cry- privately.

I am not- perfect.

I write- 'coz if I wouldn't, I'd go crazy.

I confuse- people around me with what I write.

I need- to meditate often; which unfortunately, I haven't been doing for over half a year now.

I should- learn to get up early.

I finish- 4-5 cups of tea per day... (I know, I know)

I tag- anybody who's willing.

And btw, here's one of the pics that I particularly liked. This was one of the 'experimental' pics where the dude tried taking a pic without the flash being on...

I call it the 'Sarkar' pic. :D


Raam Pyari said...

maxx long time baad comment..which does not mean that I am irregular here...

hehhe..u r right..itz a sarkarr type of a pic!!!

ekdummm sahi!!!!
//what's gonna happen after 6 months; a period I fear the most


ani said...

i will only say this: "om shanti shanti!"

shweta said...

ahem ....abt the pic becuz thts the last thing i saw nd not read ... ..nd a bird ...sorry!!!cant see u ..."devilish smile"...
nd inbtwn do u happen to come online for the himesh reshamiya song being played jhalak dikhlaja .."...nd for tht matter himesh wld hve to sing another song ..jhalak dikhlane ke baad ...say smething ....dnt jst ..write one scrap nd be lost in ur own world...

Basanti said...

I LOVED THE PIC :)))))))))))))

Nabeel said...

hahaa .. sure @ sarkaar pic .. loved the title !

Shekhar said...

raam pyari: :)) The fear stems from the fact that around Nov-Dec will be the time of final placements. *max dari hui look*

ani: :) Told ya..

shweta: Pls pls pls. I'll come online more regularly...but please spare me the Himesh Reshammiya songs..I beg of you. ;)

basanti: :))) Thanks. And btw, aapne bataaya nahi aap ghar kab gayi ?? :((

nabeel: He he. Thanks dude.

Raam Pyari said...

na na na!!!!!
*maxx darra hua luk*

luk ka gender nahi change karne ka naa!!!!!

Shekhar said...

raam pyari: Ui maa... Mishtake !!

Rose said...

Wah! Sarkar Wah!

U have that same phenomenal nose..

:D :D :D


P.S: - Wondering abt the 'Goo-Gaa' smile.. ;))

Shekhar said...

rose: :D :D :D

If God had been any kinder with my nose size, I would've been a character in Asterix comics. :))

And too wondering where the 'Goo-Gaa' smile vanished..

arpz said...

na lambe baal hain , naa daadi monch , based on ur previous post , id imagined you like the intro shot of Robin Williams in Jumanji
damn ! saare imagination ka kabada kar daala

Shekhar said...

arpz: Arre madam, this pic was taken on the day that the 'official' photographs for the placement brochure was taken. Tabhi toh itne acche bacche banke baithe hain...

But Robin Williams' intro shot in Jumanji....hmmmmmm.....*serious thought*

arpz said...

laughs @ the serious thought

Shekhar said...

arpz: ab toh 'very very serious thought'......

Anonymous said...

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