Saturday, December 06, 2008

Weekend # 49

Four weeks away from New Year's. Just a scribble before I leave for office.

Mom and Dad have gone to Mumbai. The train bogey that they were travelling in had barely 6 passengers in it. Many last minute cancellations owing to the Mumbai terror attacks.

Life has become extremely busy of late. Owing to the nature of work, I keep shuffling across the city. Nice work, but since the business unit that I'm a part of is almost as good as a new business venture entirely, it takes all that extra effort and more at the initial stages.

Chalo, off to work. Hope to catch up on some movies over the weekend. On the hitlist:

a. The President is Coming (has it been released in Cal yet?)
b. Oh My God!
c. Maharathi


Aadamkhoron ka swarg said...

Work is ok, but 8:00 in the morning is too much!

Shekhar said...

aadamkhoron ka swarg: Ab kya karein bhaiya... 1.5-2 ghante ka travelling distance hai to ghar se toh jaldi nikalna hi pade.