Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Boys will be boys

After a late lunch (5 o' clock in the evening) yesterday which consisted of a samosa, a masala dosa and a sandesh (dude, I'm in Bengal... sweet is a part of every meal), I really wasn't very hungry at dinner time. So, I was more than glad to take up Horse's suggestion to go to Ordnance Club for a drink and snacks.

Over a couple of beers and a few plates of dal pakora (me) and chilly chicken (him) and a club sandwich (both), we lounged out at the bar and watched the highlights of India's epic victory over England at Chennai yesterday. Personally, this match to me seems a watershed in Indian cricket history. The authority and clinical approach with which India did this echoes what Sehwag said after the match about "this team believes it can achieve anything".

I told Horse that this was a perfect evening. Work till late and then hit the local watering hole for a couple of beers and watch a brilliant test match unfold on the telly. Life could barely get better on one of the "regular" days.

Horse laughed. And said, "I agree but I must say, this reminds me of that ad which went: BOYS WILL BE BOYS".


scd and toofaaan joo said...

"couple of beers and a few plates of dal pakora (me) and chilly chicken (him) and a club sandwich (both)"

Wah jee wah!! Issmein rabb dikhta hai jee!

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Ah! Looks like a perfect evening for you guys :) Hope you have more of those.

santoshi said...

wish you and your family a Happy and Peacefull Happy New Year.

Shekhar said...

scd and toofaaan joo: :D

Shalini: Ah!! Amen !! :)

santoshi: Hey Santoshi.. wish you and your family a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO !! :)