Monday, June 23, 2008

Reclaim your life

After a truly amazing weekend, I happened to be at the new Bangalore airport yesterday. My friend and I decided that a quick cup of coffee before she took her flight was a good idea. Settling down on a chair, I reflected on the beauty of the evening when I, as I am wont to, noticed two kids.

These fellas were seated on a baggage trolley and were grinning from ear to ear as their father pushed the trolley around. The mother followed a short distance behind, a faint smile on her face. The li'l chaps had their hands in the air and were shouting with glee, unmindful of the happy audience around them.

I paused and thought to myself that perhaps this is the reason why we must keep meeting kids...keep observing kids: they remind us of the simple joys of life and how we ourselves once were. They remind us of how little it takes to have a great little it takes to reclaim your life.


ani said...

and then u dont meet ur only child! :(

(and as if i aint muddles enuff this word verifier goes gvjvqg)

Ravi Raja said...

This is what actually happens. People tend to sit and cry over their bad times rather than thinking about ways/methods to overcome them and they do not enjoy their good times to the fullest assuming that it will last forever which obviously will not and then later they complain that good times don't last long but bad times do.

At the same time very few people can themselves be happy just by seeing others happy. They are the ones who realize the depth of those happiness and no matter if it lasts for even a minute they enjoy it as if it lasted for a year. Only a few can feel this ... realize this ... the others ... they form the 99.9% of the population.

trash-u said...

wah kya dhansu comment maara hai..
hats off to the painstakingly calculated the stats.. 99.9%
mein kehya oye nathu.. tenu airport wich inne chhunnu munnnu hi dekhe rahe.. woooh "main udni chahti hoon" waali kudi na mili.. pata nahi udi ki nahi abhi tak?

Shekhar said...

motee: Ha ha @ the 'word verifier' thingy.

ravi: Hmm...well said.

trash-u: ~sigh~ Nahi mili. :(((