Thursday, June 26, 2008


I came across the following passage while reading 'They Came to Baghdad' by Agatha Christie. I found the idea quite fascinating.

"That is as Allah decrees. It is in his hands."

"Inshallah," the other repeated.

For a moment he longed intensely to be a man of Eastern and not Western blood. Not to worry over the chances of success or of failure, not to calculate again and again the hazards, repeatedly asking himself if he had planned wisely and with forethought. To throw responsibility on the All Merciful, the All Wise. Inshallah, I shall succeed!


A couple of days after reading this, Motee and I also struck up a similar conversation. We generally agreed that perhaps human beings are better off at times leaving it all in the hands of an almighty power, even if there actually is none. Just the belief that there is someone there up above who is keeping a watch out for you is a peaceful thought.

And as if that weren't enough, I came across this on Ridhi's blog.


ani said...

don't u think there are all the signs??!!

Shekhar said...


Ravi Raja said...

I agree with you that humans do at times leave everything in the hands of the Almighty and these people do believe in God because of the existence of certain events or things that do not have ANY "Scientific" or "Logical" Explanation ... and so people think that there must be some "Unseen Supernatural Power" (so called GOD) exists and "He" is "The One" who is responsible for all those events which are beyond our (human) controls and Imagination

So according to me ... I believe that all those things falling into this category (things having No Scientific or Logical Explanation) have been put into another category called "Mythology" ... well ... this is what I think .. May be I am not ... and may be a few or many might agree with me ... but how does it matter opinion differs from person to person ...

But its ok naa ... It does not matter whether one believes in Him or not ... I believe that What "HAS" to happen "WILL" happen ... and "NO - ONE" can stop that from happening ... which again people might relate to God ... so its ok ... Aise Chhote Chhote Deshon mein aisi Badi Badi Baatein Hoti Rehti Hai ... but the Converse is not necessarily true :P