Sunday, March 30, 2008

Enjoy the Pursuit of Excellence

And that's it!! Enjoy yourself, have a great time. Like I recalled a few days ago to a friend, "One day, you're gonna die. What's the point in dying if you've never really lived??" Don't make the mistake of thinking about putting in that extra effort... just let the energy flowing within you take over and make sure you enjoy yourself so much in whatever you do (work, partying, reading a book or simply walking down a road) that the extra 10% beyond the 100% comes in naturally. And make sure you aim for the stars, 'coz life is fun only if you're shooting for the impossible... and enjoying the ride which takes you there. :)


Anonymous said...

I don't know whether you will understand this or not. Sometimes one has to do the opposite to end something. One has to become bad and one has to become good.

No one no one ever dreamed of going to Mumbai, no one started any portal no one is going call any friends. No one are rabbits here. No one are lions no one are fishes. No one is so foolish, no one is weak. People so easily create a hypotheical world and start judging others according to that!

You know in a book called 'Something like an autobigraphy'. Akira sir said that 'I am like a toad kept in a jar covered with mirrors from all side whenever I look at myself from different angles in these mirror it releases a kind of sweat which when kept in a bottle and stirred for long time result in good healing potion. which he calls as creativity.'

I just acted according the mirror that some of you showed me.

Read this:
We never expected to live
in a perennial limbo, stiff
in a calm sea of assumptions
and in it, float
on faith, without a boat

We were so average
except in our secret world
where we were special,
heroes with emotional edge.
normal, and unable to fly.

We thought we were in control
until faced with its abstract fire,
our names now, just names on love's rolls
and we, puzzled, back at sea.

Why did we, in these maverick
situations, discover
that we are neither heroes,
nor normal nor average people
but unique human beings?

Have you heard of this story:
ek baar ek scorpion ko river cross karni hoti hai
saamne ek medhak baitha hota hai
bichhoo usko bolta hai karva de
medhak bolta hai ki tum saale kaat loge aur mai mar jaaonga
bicchoo bolta hai ki abe mai kaat loonga to tumhaare saath mai bhi to paani mein doob jaaoonga
medhak convince ho kar usko baitha leta apni peeth par aur nadi cross karne lagta hai.
beech mein ja kar bichhoo medhak ko kaat leta hai
medhak bolta hai ki kyon kaata be
to bichhoo kehta hai "What else could i have done.. its my nature"

i guess only god knows who is what!

And well i read Rubiyat by Omar Khaiyyam at least it brings tears in my eyes and I have a good sleep :)
For those who want to read!

motee said...

i know this isnt my blog but i cant control the urge...

1. I dream every living day of "being" in mumbai.
2. why so cynical?

and dearest mommmyyyy.. :) luv the thot n its nice to hear it outta u!

Shekhar said...

anonymous: Hmm...take a deep breath and relax. An all time favorite quote comes back to me; "This too shall pass." :)

motee: :))))