Monday, March 17, 2008

A beautiful weekend

I had a wonderful weekend, owing to some great company provided by Motee and Mistha. To add to the fun, Harsh was here too and it was great to catch up with him after about 3 months or so. Harsh and I visited the Hard Rock Cafe here in Bangalore and I must admit, the place rocks!! The food is great, the alcohol is better and the ambience (along with the music) is among the best that I've ever experienced. Also, the staff is very courteous.

It rained in Bangalore yesterday and today. Left stranded by the downpour yesterday were me, Motee and Mistha. We were on MG Road and decided to step into this bookshop called 'The Bookworm'. Totally loved the smell of old books in this shop. Couldn't tear myself away from buying the following:

1. The Shattered Thigh & Other Plays - Bhasa
2. The Laws of Manu
3. Rudra - The Idea of Shiva - Nilima Chitgopekar
4. The Interpretation of Dreams - Sigmund Freud
5. The Impossible Question - J. Krishnamurti
6. The Future of Competition - C.K.Prahlad; Venkat Ramaswamy

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trash-u said...

damn! there is a hard rock cafe in b'lore uhh... how could i forgot tht!!!

i m comin to b'lore :o
waise by month of may it is comin up in hyderbad too

ani said...

luv ya mommmyyyy!!! :)

Arpz said...

you forgot about me AND you did an act of of fainting the minute you saw me buying all those books

Shekhar said...

trash_u: Yeah.. and dude, YOU will absolutely love HRC.

ani: :))))))

arpz: Nah... I NEVER forget.. :) And yeah, all my books put together did not weigh as much as the one that you picked up. :P

narcissus said...

Check out 'Blossoms' (Church street in front of Amoeba). In my opinion its far better than 'The Bookworm'.

Arpz said...

if you never forget and you did not mention it, it can only mean one thing - you did not want to mention it *sulks*

Anonymous said...

Hey have you read 'The Great Indian Novel' by Shashi Tharoor (Indian DIPLOMAT)? Its an amazingly enchanting satire written in friendly yet free spirited way! I read it first 4 year back and its still a pleasure to read it again. :) Whenever I read it I always feel where is my wishlist that i laid creatively long time ago in my orkut profile. (Well that's the only creative thing that I did, that I can show to others :((. I should say I havn't even tried a lot of things like writing!!!)

motee said...

i wasnt goin to comment again.... but i saw the word verifier reading "uhruu" which reminded me of 'black uhuru' and then of the 'because i got high' song!! (don't ask the relation.....!)