Monday, May 07, 2007

The Afghan - Frederick Forsyth

"The Afghan" is one Frederick Forsyth novel that I’m going to remember more for the description and the details he provides than for his brilliant narration of action sequences. The description of the rise of the Taliban and the Al Qaida in the heart of Pakistan and Afghanistan is breathtaking. Forsyth’s ability to dole out detailed information about the lives and ideologies of people from a different part of the world is formidable. And at the same time, he ensures that the reader doesn’t get too carried away with individual stories within the larger framework.

I did feel that the suspense was stretched out a little. And then, let me come to the most disappointing part of the narrative. The book revisits Capt. Mike Martin, a character who we’ve been introduced to in "The Fist of God". The reader’s patience is tested when he has to again go through the life and times of Capt. Martin, something that has been thoroughly discussed earlier.

However, this does not take away the fact that this book is a delightful read for the first time reader of Forsyth’s novels. And even I must admit that the action bits and the detailed descriptions kept me riveted.

Watch out for the part where a meeting with Osama Bin Laden is described. Forsyth makes you feel the tension.


JustSo said...

hmm, have to read this one, BTW, wat happened to ur other book review blog? I want that :)

Shekhar said...

arpana: Decided to integrate the book reviews into this blog itself. Let's see how that goes. :)

arpana said...

hmmm ... good, anyday easier to maintain one site than many