Wednesday, May 30, 2007

'Aath' - The tag

'Motee' tagged me. Watch out world, here come 8 things out of the traveller's bags!!


Step 1: Rules, Tag Ka Superhit formula:
  • Start with eight random facts/habits about yourself
  • Post these eight quirks on your blog and also post these rules along with them
  • At the end of the post, type in the names of the lucky eight who get tagged by you and take this chain forward!

Step 2:

  1. I buy books when I’m completely aware that I’m not going to be able to read it for the next few months, as I would be busy completing others that I’ve bought previously. (You should see me when I enter a bookstore. It is as if I’m in a trance. I walk in a stupor from one book shelf to another, held in complete awe by the sheer magnanimous collection of thoughts and ideas that quietly rest on the shelves and smile at the world passing by.)
  1. I eat very very very very little. Recently, I stunned my parents when we went to this beautiful Rajasthani restaurant in Calcutta. I mumbled “I’m through,” after I’d barely eaten a quarter piece of ‘laccha paraatha’ and half a piece of a ‘tandoori roti’ along with a few spoonfuls of the vegetables that we’d ordered. My Mom almost dropped her spoon and exclaimed that I was now eating even less than what I used to before I’d left for my MBA.
  1. I still find games like ‘Spider Solitaire’, ‘Minesweeper’, ‘3D Pinball’ and ‘Freecell’ irresistible.
  1. My longest crush ever was for Angelina Jolie. (‘was’?!! Change that to ‘IS’.)
  1. Although I’m Mr. Lazy Bones and love nothing more than to lie down and go off to sleep at the slightest opportunity, I’m pretty enthusiastic about my long-distance running. It is one habit I picked up during my MBA, and I’m so completely in love with it. I know I haven’t been running regularly of late, but I have a feeling it shouldn’t be long before I get back to my ‘5 kms a day’ running routine soon.
  1. I have always been smitten by entrepreneurs. I guess it all started when I was browsing through my college library and stumbled upon ‘Business Maharajas’. At a time when my Marwari college-friends bunked early morning classes to treat their girlfriends to hot samosas and lassi at ‘Sharma Snacks & Sweets’, I would bunk the boring economics lectures to study the business dynasties of the Birlas, the Tatas & the Goenkas, not to mention the spectacular rise of Dhirubhai Ambani.
  1. My choice of ‘good films’ can be quite surprising to some. There have been quite a few occasions when I have left the cinema hall with a contented smile on my face when others leave with an expression as if they’d just been inside a gas chamber. Three such films which come to mind are ‘Mission: Kashmir’, ‘Jaan-e-Mann’ and ‘Eklavya’. I thought ‘Mission: Kashmir’ was amazing in terms of ‘slick presentation’, action sequences and awesome cinematography. I loved ‘Jaan-e-Mann’ for the unique style in which it was made (India’s own Hollywood-influenced musical?) and the guts which it required to actually pull off a project like that. (I’m also completely in love with its songs and their picturisation.) ‘Eklavya’? ‘Nuff said.
  2. I love heights. Whether it is a mountain peak or just the view from a very tall building, something inside me starts ticking. Way back in school, I remember going to a friend’s terrace flat and looking down and saying ‘I feel like taking a jump’. My friend of course thought that I was suicidal.I’m sure someday the mountains will call out to me loud enough for me to return their call. :)

Step 3: I tag

1. Just so
2. Gulabo
3. Banana Pen
4. Nerd-beta
5. Anna
... and whoever else wishes to pick up the tag.


arpana said...

u din tag me :( *sulks*

Dream Catcher said...

hmmmm got to knw more bout u bhai.. :) aapko thoda aur janane ka mauka mila..


shweta said...

oui ma!!!
i thot i cld be jobless forever ;)kidding!!!

arpana said...

aish! just saw that you HAVE tagged me ( or did u edit it after I posted the comment?) neways, sulk is taken back and the tag shall be done.

And oh BTW - No wonder we gel so well .. even moi thinks Minesweeper, Pinball, Freecell and Solitaire are the best games :D

Anonymous said...

Yikes, didn't realise I was tagged! Ok, I'll get on it soon! ;)

Banana Pen

Shekhar said...

arpana: OF COURSE YOU WERE TAGGED ORIGINALLY!! What did you think?? No editing waala business here.

dream catcher: :)

shweta: Lol.. Chill yaar!

Banana Pen: :)

arpana said...

* does a couple of uthak baithak - kaan pakadke * cholly :(

first time dekha nahin not yet fully used to being called "Just So" :D

shweta said...

@shekhar:arey i am chill yaar nd i cldnt be better after an interview wth ndtv ...;) i hpe they employ me ..but being thr itself became a fantastic xperience!!!:)

ani said...

quirk number 4: i have a vague feeling that a name tat starts with S will soon be a record breaker!!!! :D

Shekhar said...

@Anon1: Sure you can.