Saturday, April 14, 2007

Self fulfilling prophecies

I was having lunch at a wonderful couple's house in Ahmedabad the other day and the after-lunch discussion was most amiable.
We kept veering from one topic to another and during one such turn of discussion, I told them about a singular thing that happened to me. You see, apart from this blog, I do maintain a personal diary. And in that diary of mine, I had made a passing remark about how wonderful a particular eventuality would be if it indeed came true. As luck would have it (is it so?), things which lay outside my control almost magically happened such that I had to make my best efforts and hence, display some of my own strengths. I wondered out aloud if in writing that journal, I had somewhere unknowingly shaped my own destiny.
At this, the lady of the house also pointed out something similar. She said that in Linda Goodman's book (I forget which) she mentions about the people under a specific star-sign who never 'save for a rainy day'. And it so happens, that because of their belief, that particular rainy day never does arrive. We just laughed at this intriguing co-incidence, but what remained a question was whether man was indeed capable of carving out his/her own destiny.
I end this post by recalling a poster I'd seen in a faculty's room: "Be careful of the thoughts you think; they shape your future."


ani said...

the simplest example of how this works is wenever i'm low i try hard n get a smile on my face... and then for a few mins i try n keep it there... n then pretty soon i'm finding reasons to be happy n am smiling away!! :)) luv ya!

Shekhar said...

ani: Remember how I told you it is possible to drive thoughts out of one's mind? :)