Sunday, April 01, 2007

Blood, toil and sweat...

In my two years of MBA education, I thought I'd seen it all. And just when one thought that everything there was to be seen and done had been achieved, there was just that one little thing that needed to complete the picture. I realised that most of my friends at this b-school had been part of one small road accident or the other (most of them, thankfully, not very serious). ~wink~ Today, was my turn.

So, a friend of mine and me were on this Kinetic Zoom when we skidded on this patch of sand and landed, face first, on the ground. Thankfully, none of the cars nearby rolled right over us and we were up in a jiffy. In fact, we were pretty lucky to have gotten away with just minor bruises. I managed a slight cut on my right knee to show for the evening's efforts. Even better was my friend, who immediately stood up and after casting a look at all the dust on his clothes, looked up dismayed at me and announced, "Yaar, kapde dhone pad jayenge!" ("Dude, I'll have to wash the clothes.") The next instant, the two of us were in complete splits and the onlookers were (I think) left wondering if these two nutcases had suffered serious injuries to the skull. :D

Anyway, ~deep intake of breath~ the MBA draws to a close and I've emerged victorious from a battle (of the mind?) which, I must admit, got almost too close for comfort. ~phew~ Friends who've been close to me have witnessed the nervousness and anxiety that I used to feel from time to time. In the end, I knew there was no one else but I who was responsible for putting myself into a difficult position. Like I said to a benevolent professor who offered to lend me a ear, it was again no one else but I who could draw myself out of the mess.

And work myself out of my troubles I did!! There was blood, toil and sweat (Sorry to disappoint you Mr. Churchill, but there were just no tears). Tell you what... it was all worth the fight in the end. The very man who predicted my doomsday congratulated me this evening on a brilliant performance. The same man who had told me that I was fast hurtling towards failure gladly shook hands with me and told me [not in as many words, I admit; but then, I'm a dreamer, and a dreamer who has just won has the liberty to dream these words ;) ] that I had the mettle of a winner.

Some have told me, in jest of course, that I should've laughed at him or reminded him mockingly of his prediction that I was headed for failure.

The truth is that I did remind him. And frankly, I couldn't be more thankful to the gentleman. If it hadn't been for that one statement which put the fear of the worst-case scenario in me, I don't think I would've pushed this hard. True, I couldn't sleep peacefully for days in a row and had the most harrowing nightmares of living the failure that had been promised to me. However, if it hadn't been for that feeling of cold sweat on my forehead, I don't think I would have excelled in the manner in which I did.

And so: 'Thank you Sir for your unkind words. That was simply the BEST thing that you could've done for me.'

Like all victories, though, there is more than just one person to whom the victory can be attributed. This victory, too, wouldn't have been possible without my parents, Aunt Patricia, and all my friends who stood by me and supported me. They did all that they could, either by doing their little bit in finishing excellent group project work or by giving their words of encouragement and hope. I can't end this post without thanking 'Bulla', 'Herbert', 'Horatio', 'Biscuit', 'Whale', Sam, 'Basanti', 'Piranha', 'Gola', 'Dolphin', 'Mr. President', Sahu Sahab, Motee, Sudhanshu, 'Pappu' and of course, 'Baap'. Thank you folks.

Perhaps for the last time on this blog, I must also mention 'her'. I must thank 'her' for the encouragement she provided and the promise she made me make.

(Although our paths have parted for some time now, you were among the first few persons I thought of when I knew I'd won. May God be with you. And yes, I shall keep my promise. ~smiles~)


And oh, if you were wondering how the Goa trip was, what do you think of this??



arpana said...

* gives a big tight warm hug * my dear blog friend, be sucess and peace of mind be always with you.
( side note - you better help me with that term paper ... pls pls pls )

Raam Pyari said...

tumhara yam bee yay khatam and mera shuru
*dukh bhara philosophical luk*

p.s is that what it appears to be [the pic!]

ani said...

this once i won't call u mommyy...

Shekhar... first i wanna hug u real tight n thn wanna kick u real hard... (u knw why!!)

nut! heartiest congratulations 3 pointer kahin k!!!!!!!!!

>--------------:)--------------< (~kick!!!!!)

And yes... 'Don't be afraid to dream for out of these fragile things come MIRACLES!' and Miracles do happen! :)

Shekhar said...

arpana: ~smiles~ I must admit I won't be online as much now since I'm leaving the hostel tonight. Will message you.

raam pyari: Twenty minutes of needles stinging into your arm, a trickle of blood two hours later, slight pain in the arm for two days and then... BRANDED FOR LIFE!

~grins~ Yep, that is what you think it is.

ani: >------:)------<