Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Cycle of Karma

As I lay awake in bed, pondering and worrying over the present state of affairs, I grew more and more restless. It is way past 4 in the morning, my roomie is peacefully asleep, and so is most of the boy's hostel (not counting other people, like my friend 'Zehreela', who seem to be studying for tomorrow's interviews). And even as I battled (and almost lost) to the flaming internal demons of the mind, I realised something which made me pause and smile.

If I were to step back and look at my personal experiences, it seems things have a way of balancing themselves out. If one does a good turn today, he not only deserves a good turn but by a twist of destiny, is actually doled out that good fortune. Needless to say, the other side of the coin is a reality too. All in all, it seems there is simply no need for Heaven or Hell. All that is to happen is to happen here, on Earth, itself. And it will happen to YOU, while you live through your happiness and sorrow.

I think I can be adventurous enough to venture out a step further and say that I've just experienced the 'Cycle of Karma'. Good 'karma' --> Good effect, Bad 'karma' --> Bad effect.

A word of caution to those who might think there is an escape route, a loophole. Even if you were to act out your devilish deeds from behind a mask and the person who bears the brunt of your misdeeds doesn't know you or isn't even aware of your existence, his / her misfortune WILL one day come back to you.

I need not go ahead and mention examples; all of us have heard enough in stories we heard as children from our parents and in movie halls showing the latest Bollywood film (which has been directed by someone who wants to target the 'highly moralistic' average Indian). But the one example which simply refuses to go away is actually an image in my mind...that of King Dashrath screaming out on the top of his voice for his son Ram when the latter is away on 'vanvaas'. King Dashrath had, in a hunting accident, killed the only son of an elderly couple, remember?

Basically what I'm trying to say is:

Be Good / Avoid being Evil: It'll come back to you sooner than you think


Arpana said...

you are scaring me :(

Arpana said...

and oh ... main pad rahi hoon , mujhe is tarah to mat darao gabbar

Shekhar said...

Aji yeh post aapko daraane ke liye thodi tha. Aapko daraane ke liye to mere quanti-based SMS hi kaafi hain. ;)

harish said...

hi Shekhar

I have been reading your blog for quite some time and I feel your writing are simply grt, and a true personification of what your are. Keep up the good work....and perhaps if u start writing a book then it will be grt.....

Warm Regards,

Harish Bihani

Arpana said...

Aila ! Quanti SMS? abe ! aise mat dara yaar ... apne phone ka connection to main waise hi kaatne wali hoon , dont speed up the process this way :D

Basanti said...

came to ur blog after a long changed the look??cool!!
Keep blogging..!!

Shekhar said...

harish: Hi Harish. Great to see you here. :) Didn't know you'd been a regular visitor. Nice to know that you can see the honesty with which I express myself here.

arpana: //phone ka connection..kaatne wali hoon..

Interested in buying a Tata Indicom?? ;)

basanti: Hmm.. :) Look what I wrote in the latest post.

nitinmohta said...

Well.. those emotions are definitely high during the placements. Great Blog.. !!!