Saturday, December 02, 2006

Placements and thereafter

Placement Week was one helluva affair. It had all the makings of a Bollywood potboiler. Dharam Paaji could've very well been shouting about Placement Week when he stood atop the water tank in Sholay and shouted "Iss ishtory mein drama hai, tragedy hai, emotion hai...tumhaare aasoon nikal aayenge, kaka.."

I had a roller-coaster ride myself. However, I finally bagged the post of a Management Trainee (Marketing) at Tata Teleservices Ltd. What's more, Basanti and Nike are in too, as HR and Marketing trainees, respectively. (Yipeeeee !!!)

As we were ruminating today, our batch is definitely more cooler than that of our immediate seniors. Not only did NO student throw a party in celebration of his / her placement till the time the last person of the batch got placed, but also the number of folks who (shamelessly) went back home after their own placement was much lesser as compared to last year. In other words, the number of people who volunteered for Hospitality and Logistics committee (responsible for taking care of the companies which visit the campus) was high. It was good to see people standing up for each other when it matters the most. And the fact that they were coming to help inspite their own placement being done showed the selflessness of it all.

As for those fools who went home or lazily stayed locked up in their rooms, I pity them. They missed out on some of the BEST moments of their post-grad life. They missed the emotional lows and highs that each student experienced. They will never witness the scenes of camaraderie where a person leapt for joy just because his friend got placed, forgetting for a moment that he himself was yet to get placed. Never will their hearts be warmed by the image of two guys sharing high fives and hugging each other at the news that a friend, who wasn't present at the scene, had just gotten placed. For them remains the world of cold selfishness, in which they remain blinded by their own selfish gains. I hope they get a heart...someday soon.

As The Whale observed, friendships of the last one and a half years was different, and the friendship expressed during the last one week was different. New bonds of brotherhood were created. People you'd hardly ever spoken to came up to offer words of solace and strength. Individuals who had been indifferent to your presence a month ago came up to share their own experiences. And once the satisfaction settled in that the entire batch had been comfortably placed, the stage was set for the ultimate chill out time.

I went out with friends for a movie after a long long time (the last movie I saw in an Ahmedabad movie hall was 'Rang De Basanti'; the last movie I had seen in a cinema hall was 'Being Cyrus'). Unfortunately, we went for Dhoom 2. Trust me folks, this ain't a movie you wanna watch for reasons beyond a) Fashion, b) Hrithik, c) Aishwarya, d) Abhishek and e) Cleavage. The songs ain't great (according to The Dolphin, the songs got in the way of the narration) and there are G-L-A-R-I-N-G gaps in the story. I can go on and on how sad the movie was, but let's just end by saying that the movie was high on style, but pathetically low on substance. (I kinda also agree with Arpz's version that it was a 3 hour fashion show).

Went to Rasranjan and had a great time eating the Manchurian with Fried Rice.

And since Upper Crust was just next door, I persuaded Dolphin into buying me a Devil's Chocolate Pastry. Yummm.. :D

I slept at 5 yesterday morning and woke up at 1 in the afternoon. Went for lunch to Madhurya. Realised on our way there that most of the folks from the college have gone to Daman & Diu. Plus, there were a few other friends who'd left for Mt. Abu.

Basanti's parents had come over for the day, and they decided to give us a treat for dinner. So the gang went to Bandhan and had some good Punju food. I had a gala time teasing a sweet batchmate about the fact that the dish that she'd chosen was in fact very similar to her personality; so much so that I ended up naming her after the dish !!! So, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the newest addition to the phone-book in my cellphone: Paneer Toofani !! He he..

After the great evening, we came back only to find out that now we too badly wanted to go to Mt. Abu. Bodo Bhai has made the arrangements and now we're all ready to leave tomorrow morning at 6. The Whale has decided to take a nap, but since I was asleep for almost the entire day, I have decided to stay up and go off to sleep in the Tavera that will be taking us tomorrow. As of now, Bodo Bhai, Whale, Dolphin, Piranha, Bips, Debby and I are going. It should be fun listening to the string of abuses that we're gonna hear, since Kaal, Sahu Sahab, Rohit and Zehreela / Crab are already at Mt. Abu. :D

Adios !!


Arpana said...

**Smiles** ... Mt Abu ; wow ! reminds me of the times we used to go every year during summers .. visit Nathdwara too ; its one of the places I absolutely love!

shweta said...

2.i need a treat vadda wallah..!!!
3.i heard u got a job bfore only ...frm munnu...but i shld hve got this frm u ...nahi kya sorta big time angry wth u ...!!!
4.thrz no escape frm the treat..
5.bahut masti chal rahi hai ...all the hiking nd trekking wth frnds ..thts cool yaar ...masto ..!!!
6.pointwise isliye likha so tht all the points r well stored in ur gr8 mind ...!!!
7.a required so tht i can wish u properly ;)
8.ciya....kuch zada lambi list hai ...but i am damn happy for u ...go rock the world dear ..!!!

mini 'dolphin' said...

i m waiting for your new post.. abt 'whale'.. ~winks~..

Shekhar said...

arpana: It IS absolutely beautiful. :)

1. Thanks !! :)
2. Pucca !!! :))
3. Shawry .. :(
4. ~shakes head~ Nah..definitely not..
5. Arre hiking and trekking was awesome fun !! Jhakaas !!
6. Hmm...ab to yaad rahega hi..
7. Arre phone number de...
8. >-----:)-----<

mini 'dolphin': Ha ha..boy am I eager to write the new post !! ;)

Himanshu Jain said...

congrats! buddy

Enjoy the Pre-Honeymoon period
As your first month in the new company will be "Honeymooon Period"

Shekhar said...

himanshu jain: Thanks dude !! :)) And great to know that you're still around.. kahaan ho bhai ??

trash_u said...

was reading the piece again..
still the most strongly itched memory.. the week that was

Shekhar said...

Yeah. One amazing time dude. And also the Mt. Abu trip. That was good fun. ~smiles~ Remember the video Bordo bhai took?