Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sleeping time

Of late, I've been sleeping like a log. I do not know what hits me, but I suddenly find myself feeling extremely exhausted and in dire need of taking a break. And so, I hit the bed, only to wake up after at least 8-10 hours. Considering that my usual sleep duration is between 4 to 6 hours, this is unusual.

Just the other day, I returned from the mess at around 9 in the evening and suddenly felt very very tired. I walked into Surdy's room (room no. 310), spoke to Surdy about some nonsense while lying down on his bed and in an instant, was off to dreamland. I really don't know what got over me. I was feeling so tired, I just didn't have the energy to walk up to my room (room no. 309), unlock the door and hit my bed. Just the idea of reaching into my pocket for the keys and opening the lock seemed to be very energy-consuming.

However, I did leave Surdy's room at around quarter to 10, hit my bed and was again sleeping away to glory. I did wake up at 2 in the morning to see 'Mr. President' sitting on my chair discussing a point with my roomie, 'The Whale'. Mr. President, on seeing me getting up, greeted me with a cheery, "Good morning, sleepyhead." But, I was too drugged to make sense of anything. I just looked at my watch, and God only knows for what reason shouted "F*** !!" and promptly went off to sleep again!!!! As per reports, Mr. President kept abusing me for the rest of the evening. [For the record, I woke up only the next morning at 9, making it a 12 hour sleeping stint.]

Something similar happened to me last night as well. I felt drowsy and tired the moment I started walking towards the hostel building after the dinner in the mess. Even as I looked at my feet trudging its way on the gravel path, I knew I must hit the sack soon. So, as soon as I reached my room, I collapsed on the bed and didn't even bother with removing my sandals or my denim jacket. I mumbled a quiet approval to an anecdote that The Whale read out from "The curious incident of the Dog in the night time" (a book that he has intelligently smuggled out of the reach of Mini) and was soon lost in dreamland again. I woke up today morning at 9, and so this becomes another 12 hour stint. Of course, this is nothing compared to my record-breaking 40 hour non-stop sleep marathon, but then, that was another day and age.

I have just wished Sahu Sahab of room no. 308 on his birthday today. I feel fresh, at least physically, from all the bodily rest that I've received. However, as I can recall, my sleep was punctuated by dreams of which I can remember only 2. In the first one, I dunno why but I sported a beard and was looking at myself in the mirror. The other dream was a very Kal Ho Na Ho-ish moment where I was attending a wedding/engagement. Oh yes, and now I can also recall that I saw a lake and there were 2 groups of people in their snake-boats (the kinds you find in Kerala) practicing for the race. I wonder where that came from???

I have also been reading Karma Yoga from Swami Vivekananda's Complete Works online, and found some extremely inspirational words at the end of the first chapter. I think they are a beautiful way to end this post on the thoughts that fill my mind, and here they are:

"The ideal man is he who, in the midst of greatest silence and solitude, finds the intensest activity, and in the midst of intensest activity finds the silence and solitude of the desert. He has learnt the secret of restraint, he has controlled himself. He goes through the streets of a big city with all its traffic, and his mind is as calm as if he were in a cave, where not a sound could reach him; and he is intensely working all the time. That is the ideal of Karma-Yoga, and if you have attained to that you have really learnt the secret of work."


Basanti said...

Is that an effect of your exams?? :P :P :P Or are they over?

*are you afraid of meeting me?*

Arpana said...

how is it that we read similar books at the same time around? I just finished Vivekananda ( romain Rolland's) and have begun on Krishna - The life and song of the blue God. i think of the concept and Bang , your blog has it ! and this isnt the first time its happened :O .. anyways , Karma yoga , is the most difficult ( I belive) to achieve. To do karma , and be a stithapragyna .. like the water on the lotus leaf , is , possible only for the lotus leaf , any other leaf will drown and rot in the very water that holds the lotus leaf .... ok , I think I'll stop here .. else the comment will become a post in itself. :D

Shekhar said...

basanti: Arre baba, exams over!! (Yipeeeeee.) And yep, do mail me your number at shekhar_ruparelia(at)hotmail(dot)com and I'll give you a call. :)

arpana: Hmm...I must lay my hands on 'Krishna-The life and song of the blue God'. And yes, don't worry about the length of the comment yaar...kabhi kabhi to koi milta hai ja apne level pe baat kare. ;) Ab besharam, padho !! (Sorry, just couldn't stop myself from saying that.)

Arpana said...

padhai ki koshish hi to hume woh Krishna wale book tak le gayi .. and , dont read that book .. I didnt like it. Maybe because I look upon everything Krsna did with a halo of divinity , I can forgive the human nature in HIM, but not the way it has been portrayed in the book. If only I get to meet the author someday , I'll sure give him a piece of my mind..... I'l #$@%!$#%#@!$%@#$%#@$ him