Saturday, October 28, 2006

The traveller packs his bags

As I pack my bags for my flight back to Ahmedabad tomorrow, it is a moment to pause and contemplate. It has been a nice trip back home. As I look at the clothes, the CDs and the books that lie randomly on my bed, I realise that I'm leaving with a lot more than just these articles of daily consumption.

I now have memories.

Some happy and some sad memories; some quiet moments where tears went unnoticed, a few moments where a chuckle and a laughter was all that remained of the innocent past; a few moments of passion which rekindled love.

Dad has already asked me to try and get placements in Calcutta. I haven't promised him anything. Who knows where destiny plans to take me tomorrow and what wings fate might have in store for me? I'm certain I'll be back in Calcutta once my convocation gets over, but for how long, God alone knows at this precise moment.

*Chuckles* Today, Dad kinda realised that his son has grown up. Since last night he kept peeking into my wardrobe and kept asking me at regular intervals what clothes I wanted to take back so that he could pack my bag. I would have none of it and completely refused to tell him what books or clothes I wanted to take back.

Finally, today afternoon, I said, "Dad, you just sit right here and watch me do it. Mind you, I'll stop packing the moment you tell me what to do," I said in mock anger. So Dad just sat right here and watched me arrange all the clothes, books, CDs and toileteries. All it took me was half an hour, and the manner in which I packed the bags (thanks to all the travelling I've been doing alone) impressed Dad. He didn't say a thing at the end; just walked out of the room, went to the kitchen and told Mom, "Well, he's learnt how to pack his bags, at least." Rites of passage?? :)


Basanti said...

Welcome Back! :-)

Good your Dad has finally realised you've grown up. My Dad does not believe the fact that I am 20! :-(

coffee said...

go explore the deserve it :)

shweta said...

bahut chuttti mana liye ...ab back to wrk...gud hai ...tera kuch elongated chutti nahi tha ...i mean making other ppl envious ...haan ..???nd yup ....for parents we r alwayz small kids ..chunnu nd chotu ...but thts how we shld be for them ...its no nice to be papered nd cared for two ppl ....nd u noe the rest of the world will never give a damn ...but for these two u hve ...ur heart beating ...

Shekhar said...

basanti: Ha ha...I'm still not certain Dad has 'accepted' the fact that I've grown up, just that people don't see me as a 5 year old that I think he does !! ;)

coffee: :) Thanks coffee.

shweta: Completely agree on the fact that parents always consider us to be the kid they've seen acting silly and asking lots of weird questions. And guess what, they're the BEST when they remain that way.. :)))

Basanti said...

chooooooo chweeeeet jai..

Shekhar said...

apni basanti: :)))))

Camila said...

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