Friday, October 20, 2006

Home for Diwali

Hello people. Just to inform you that I'm back home in Calcutta for Diwali. Will be here till the 29th.

Will post when I have some more time...and cash ;)

Enjoy and have a VERY HAPPY DIWALI. :)))


shweta said...

hey tumi kolkata theke aachi very much dying to be thr back to my roots newayz njoy ...!!! nd have a blast out thr ..nd detail me wats up in my home town ...
p.s:happy diwali

Arpana said...

hey ! I see you've removed ur earlier vid , cldnt see that at all:-( koi nahin , u have a happy and a safe diwali.

Shekhar said...

shweta: Hey...has this place changed !! I feel as if so many things have happened here.. HAPPY DIWALI :D :

arpana: Yep..wanted to take the permission of the rest of the group before putting it on the net again. Happy Diwali. :))