Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I am a Champion

Guess who's back? Well, not the Real Slim Shady, but the Real Slim guy named Shekhar. Yup, I'm back from the Mumbai Rendezvous. It was an awesome feeling meeting up with Mom n Dad. Like I said, haven't ever been away from home or from them for so long.

Thankfully, somethings...no, LOTS of things haven't changed. I STILL am very fussy on the dining table, Mom STILL loves to push roti after steaming-hot roti dripping with ghee onto my 'thali', Mom continues to find my dressing style unacceptable ('the shirt Dad wore to Anil Kaka's house yesterday would look better on you') and Dad, on suddenly waking up late at night, still threatens me that he will not go off to sleep till I've switched off the computer. It is small things like these that make me feel that the planet is still a safe haven to live in. For how long? I don't know, and I hate to even think of the day when the safety net will be gone. Till then, life is beautiful and I want to remind myself to smile. :)

Uee maa, blunder ho gaya!! Mast maze ke mood mein tha, senti ho gaya. So let me get off that worried look and tell you something which is more normal...apun ki to waat lag gayeli hai, mamu! Got a few papers back, and I've performed terribly, true to my style. Abe gadhe, padhega nahin to aur kya hoga? But I knew this would be coming and thought I'd braced myself for this. I was definitely low when I got those marks, and I know somewhere it is still hurting. Good! I wish it hurts even more when I get the other papers, so that I remember to study and perform well in this term. Kasam Ma Bhawani ki, is baar to exams main top ke number lekar aoonga!! In fact, try karunga ki 3 point ko paar kar jaaoon. Best of luck to me.

Hurdles? Well, not exactly hurdles, but time consuming 'other' activities.

One, Perspective 2006 is coming up. B-plan competition, paper presentations, case studies, live games, et al, right here at Nirma. Err...toh problem kya hai? Arre yaar, I'm one of the co-ordinators, and I definitely want the event to be a success. Really need to work a lot to make this event on the 27th and 28th of Jan a fun affair.

Two, Nirma Champions League coming up. Bole to? Bole to apun ke college ka sports week. "You participating?" I can see some eyebrows raised in the audience. "Yes, me running for the 100m and 200m race."

WHAT ?!!! Eyeballs pop out, cups of tea crash to the ground, people leave their mouths open, mid-way into biting their sandwiches, and there is deathly silence in the room. What? The question rings loud and clear again. You'll run? I mean, you're so thin, the only chance you've got is if the wind blows in the correct direction, you can hope to get carried ahead of the competitors.

Arre baba, I was a good runner in school, haven't had the ability to prove my running prowess since then. I know I'm short on stamina, but will prepare...kal se.

Three, Sumantra. I mean, the book club here at our Institute, named eponymously after the management guru Sumantra Ghosal. I am the co-ordinator and I really want more and more people to contribute to the fun world of reading and book reviews.

Hmm. I have my plate full, but I shall manage. Why? Simple, look at the title of the post.


Raam Pyari said...

All the best for everythng!!!!
so much to do!!
gosh..u sure ur day also has 24 hours????

may the spirit of Claude Martin guide you.*religious, pious look*

btw, have linked ur blog

Shekhar said...

Ruchi: //so much to do!!

I know, meri pyaari si nanhi si jaan, kitna karunga? Ran a few laps of the field today and played a bit of football after ages..came back to the room and slept for 4 hours flat (8 to midnight), missing my dinner in the process!!

Now to attack those study books...

(P.S. Thanks for linking me.. "fellow martian" ha ha)