Sunday, January 01, 2006


HAPPY NEW YEAR people. May you have a wonderful 2006.

Ok, this isn't one of those times when I sat down in front of my laptop and said "Aha! I'm rested, comforted, almost as good as back from the dry-cleaners, now off to type." No; it certainly isn't one of those occassions. Neither have I been out boozing and partying, well not technically anyway.

The Student's Activity Committee (SAC) here decided to organise a bonfire and dance party on the grounds. Although they'd planned to start at 11, the real celebrations began only at 11:30. A few of us had taken down our laptops to the ground and connected it to the speakers.

Those who know me well enough will vouch for the fact that I have difficulty co-ordinating the movement of my legs for activities more complex than walking and running between the hostel and institute building on mornings when I've woken up late. As a result, I voluntarily became the DJ for a good 10 minutes. Why not longer? Simple. It is impossible to play songs that everybody likes. Every 1/2 a minute I would have people coming to me with different requests.

"What are you playing yaar? Come on, give me some good J. Lo numbers to dance on man." Hmm..I considered. Good looking female from the senior batch. Pata nahin, naseeb kab meherbaan ho jaaye. Action taken: Started playing a remix version of Waiting for Tonight.

Result (13.5 seconds later): "Abe saale, kya lagaaya hai tune? Ek shabd bhi samajh mein nahi aa raha, aisi bhasha sunne ka kya faayda. Abe chal, kuch apni mitti ka laga...Oye yaar, kuch bhangda-vangda ho jaaye yaar!!", came a Sardar-ji's response. The mind quickly drew up an image of a 6 1/2 ft-something Sardarji mercilessly dragging a 5 ft-nothing me into some dark, remote corner of the 110 acre Nirma campus. Nahi bhai, jaan pyaari hai, and I've still only just seen 2006. Action taken: Mundiyan tu bach ke rahi from Boom.

Result: "Yo dude! Where's the trance music folder I forwarded these people earlier today? This stuff is like...ancient dude!!"

No wonder I so quickly and willingly gave my job to someone else. However, I did notice something extremely interesting during the evening's proceedings.

Whoever said 80's music was out of fashion? When almost every other kind of music failed to get all the people on the dance-floor, someone played "Om Shanti Om" from Karz (remember? The 1980 Subhash Ghai directed movie starring Rishi Kapoor, Tina Munim and Simi Garewal). The response was unbelievable!! The way people cheered as soon as they recognised the song from the typical manner in which the drums play at the beginning, the manner in which they shouted "Kiya" when Kishore Kumar asked "Kya tumne kabhi kisi se pyar kiya" , "Kabhi kisi ko dil diya" and the manner in which they danced the entire length of the ORIGINAL, un-REMIXED version of 8 minutes proved that the music of Laxmikant Pyarelal was as 'cool n hip' today as it was almost 2 and a half decades ago.

Came back to the room at around 2. Sat at my neighbour's room for an impromptu meeting with a few friends. We had a really nice chat, considering the range of topics we covered: Partying, the 'dry state' status of Gujarat, boozing, graduation days, films, the pornographic film industry [ahem], prostitution in India and abroad, AIDS, social work done in red-light areas of the country, deplorable condition of prostitutes etc. Fun discussion, which I can safely say kept most of us engrossed, as the discussion lasted for a good 2 1/2 hours.

I finally returned to my room at around 4:30 to find my roomie engrossed in playing Counter Strike on the LAN with another 32 players in the hostel. *Sigh* Some people have all the energy.

Good night, people, or rather, good morning. And yes, a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR once again.

May God bless you with all the best of luck and successes in 2006.


Hitler's soul said...

Uee ma , and to keep my good year going , i get to put the first comment of 2006 on your blog !!

hahaa.ekddum sahi baat boli yaar be a DJ is as tuff as being mallika shararat's brother.jisko dekho koi alag gaana chahiye.even i went up to our DJ tonight many a times yelling "abbe yeh kya angrezi chipka raha haai yaaar , PUNJABI kahan hain ??":p

have a great year bro !!

Raam Pyari said...

hail hail the name we own ...
hail to the giver....
blessings and bright renown(?)
be his forever!!!!!!

---follwers of his constancy..?
firm of hand against the foe
soft of heart----------a woe
this then our sang shall be...
As we chant his eulogy...
Ever spotless evr pure

gosh everything is gettig jumbled up!!!!!the'----' are parts i dont remember at all..though i recall the tune bherry well:)
14 years at mah school and uska yeh sila de rahi hoon main!;)
HAPPY NEW YEAR, fellow martinian.

Shekhar said...

Abhinav: I agree life gets difficult on the turn-table, but to equate it to being Mallika Sherawat's bro. Bhai, kyun dharam sankat mein daal rahe ho?

Ruchi: Oops! I don't remember most of the lines myself. Just remembered this one where you left it blank..

"May our founder's name and yore"
Ever spotless ever pure

God! Those Founder's Day rehearsals are all coming back to me.

ss said...

Happy new year shekhar..

Shekhar said...

ss: Thanks and same to you. :)