Thursday, October 20, 2005

Whew...finally, a book review !

I've just come back from the Institute. Finally got a book review done this week. I have been really worried about the fate of "Sumantra", the book club that we've founded this year in our Institute. Things were really going kinda ok, but the problems that crept up were impromptu scheduling of classes on the day when we would have our book review. As a result, lots of people couldn't come and we would only have a handful of them.

We'd not had a book review for a month and a half. So, finally when Reema presented a book review on "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" by Robin Sharma, it was a great relief. To think the faculty-in-charge Anil Sir had actually contemplated scrapping the book club !!!!

Anyway, had a good discussion on the book. One thing that I really found interesting was (this was also pointed out by lots of other people who'd come) that this book didn't really contain anything new. You would've probably read similar material in The Alchemist or some other management self-help book. But what is important is how much of it can we apply to our daily lives ? Can we, for example, just be a bit more judicious while spending time, being more disciplined towards our work ? Food for thought.


fotosia said...

hey there!

It's cool to have people around who can discuss books with u. That's one of the things I really like in this life.

I've never been to India but I intend to go there one day... I actually intend to go to many places round the world so it might take a while till I get to your country :-)


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