Monday, October 17, 2005

Am I a maverick or plain silly ?

The jury is still out on this one. Going by popular vote of the people around me, however, it seems I'm the former. There are many idiosyncratic habits that I've got which make me a branded maverick. Take for example what I did last night.

After the two extremely 'low' mood posts, I was down in the dumps...mentally of course (not possible physically, I live on the 7th floor of the hostel). And what did I decide to do to get myself high on life again ? I surf the Net for info on.....Dhirubhai Ambani !!

For the uninitiated, he is one of my heroes. His rags to riches story never fails to excite me and I always end up having an adrenalin rush after listening to / reading episodes from his life. Gita Piramal's "Business Maharajas" certainly had a big influence on my young mind a few years ago. Hence, last night, I decided I would just surf the Net and save some pages on Dhirubhai. It took me half an hour to get up and excited and "bullish" (Dhirubhai would've been happy at the use of this term) on life.

Since then, life has been rocking. I've been trying to finish work quickly. I tried thinking of what Dhirubhai's response would've been to my condition. I could literally hear him shout instructions to me in Gujarati (must admit, being a Gujju helps).

For example, as far as my friend's problem goes..."Koi vaandho nahi, tu e saaro manas cho ane ee pand vyajbee chokri che..Be divas ma pacha mitra thai jasho. Aani upar chinta nahi kar, kaam upar kar." (Nothing to worry about, you're a decent fellow and she's a reasonable girl. You'll be back to normal friendship in 2 days. Quit worrying about this and concentrate your energies on work.)

Do you have a similar habit or trait (or am I the only crazy person who tries to emulate his / her hero) ? What do you do when you feel "low" ? How do you manage to get your spirits high again ? Please do post a comment. It could come in handy, not only to me but also to those who happen to go through this blog.


Harsh said...

long live memories of dhirubhai......wat say dude????

Shekhar said...

Absolutely, and I hope that India finds the 10,000 Dhirubhais that he faithfully believed existed in all corners of the country. If only I were one of them.... :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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