Thursday, August 28, 2008


Got thoroughly bored and was browsing through YouTube when I came across this.

Just couldn't stop thinking about Neetika, Motee and Mistha. Miss you folks a lot...


ani said...


Nagpreti said...

Enterprising and changing face of West Bengal congrats on ending Singur row and new Environ Solar power plant.
-Nagpreti (Friend of Nagraj)

Anonymous said...

I am following your blog for quite some time. Well I have no doubts that you and bunch of other people from NIM are any thing less than a graduate from any other top management schools. I have seen lot of them in my career for quite some time and its quite frustrating to know them and their ideas(thought process in general). Good show :). Keep it up.

To the sense and sensitivity of NIM..thumbs up

Shekhar said...

ani/Motee: :D ~big jhappi~

nagpreti: ~sighs~ Singur row?? It still drags on... :(

anonymous: Hey thanks. :) Keep visiting.